Siomai Madness Rocks Cebu, Philippines

Siomai has become a favorite comfort food for Cebuanos. Although Chinese in origin, Cebuanos fell in love with siomai paving way for not just a few siomai specialty places. And with all these siomai joints mushrooming around Metro Cebu, a newcomer in the business do not just want to copy what others are already offering.

Siomai Madness
Siomai Madness

Siomai Madness

Last February 15, Siomai Madness opened a small food kiosk or booth at Southwestern University. Fast forward to September 2015, they now have four (4) branches around Cebu City: Southwestern University in Urgello, F. Ramos Street corner Ranudo Street right across Cebu Institute of Medicine, B. Rodriguez Street, and Asian College of Technology. Expansion plans to put up more stores are in the pipeline. Areas being considered are University of San Carlos Technological Center in Nasipit, Talamban and Cebu Doctors University at the North Reclamation Area. Siomai Madness are also open to franchising the business specially for areas outside Cebu City and Mandaue City.

I met the owners, Kai Ybanez and Kenneth Gaw, at their branch at F. Ramos Street corner Ranudo Street and they gladly showed us what Siomai Madness has to offer.

Siomai Madness
Owners Kai Seno and Kenneth Gaw

Siomai Madness Menu

Siomai Madness practically serves different kinds of siomai in their menu. They really did not reinvent the wheel in terms of the kinds of siomai that they serve. Siomai fanatics are all familiar with pork siomai, beef siomai, shark's fin siomai, and Japanese siomai. One can choose to have their siomai orders just plainly steamed or deep fried. Although they serve siomai varieties that are common with other siomai joints, Kai shared that what makes their siomai stand out is their addictive blend of their sweet sauce and their chili sauce which are both their own concoction. Their sauce is such a hit among diners that they might even consider selling just the sauce in the future.

different kinds of siomai
Different kinds of siomai: Japanese siomai, beef sioai, deep fried shark's fin siomai, and steamed shark's fin siomai

Also served on the menu are familiar street foods tempura, squid ball, and squid roll as well as Virginia hotdog. A unique item in the menu is cheese tofu. 

Pork Siomai

Personally, I prefer the steamed version of pork siomai. But let me tell you, it's also amazing when deep fried. Retailing at PhP 24 per 4 pieces, this is one of the more cheaper siomai varieties one can come across Cebu.

pork siomai
Pork Siomai, deep fried or steamed

Shark's Fin Siomai

Kai and Kenneth takes pride in their shark's fin siomai. They say the deep fried version is their bestseller as it tastes so good with their blend of chili sauce and sweet sauce. I tried both the steamed version and the fried version, and I find the deep fried variety more delectable. It's only sold at PhP 28 for every 4 pieces.

Deep fried shark's fin siomai

Cheese Tofu

Sometimes, I find eating tofu boring. Gladly, Siomai Madness put a twist to tofu by adding cheese before it gets deep fried. And voila! This health food tofu is boring no more.

Cheese Tofu

Street Foods

Tempura, squid rolls, and squid balls are common street foods that Cebuanos love and they are all available at Siomai Madness.

Squid Rolls in sweet sauce

Steamed Rice

Later this year, Siomai Madness will also roll out steam rice as part of their menu. That is something to look forward to.

Store Hours and Delivery

Generally, Siomai Madness opens between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Deliveries may be done within 5 kilometers of a store and a minimum of PhP 500 order. 


To keep updated about what's happening with Siomai Madness, you may like their Facebook page here. Or you may call 0925 867 8777.

The next time you crave for Siomai or street food, head out to the nearest Siomai Madness branch to feast on delicious siomai drenched in an addictive blend of sweet and chili sauces.

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