Seafood Trip at Nening's Tulahan in Old Pala-pala, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

If SuTuKil is widely popular in Cebu, Negros Occidental's version is the palapala, where a customer buys his or her preferred seafood items at the market and goes to one of the stalls to have those items cooked the way he or she wants it.

On a May 2016 business trip with Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network, we dropped by Bacolod City en route to an event in Himamaylan City. On our way, we had lunch at the Old Palapala. I was with two (2) of my associates, Nathaniel and Nicolo.

Old Palapala in Bacolod City

The Old Palapala was a seafood market surrounded with stalls that offer services to cook for guests wishing to dine in the area. It is located along San Juan Street in Barangay 6, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. We did not have the luxury of time so we went to the seafood stall nearest the corner to buy our lunch. We bought a half kilo of squid, a half kilo of lobster, a half kilo of shrimps, and a slice of blue marlin fish. Our total tab for all these only amounted to PhP 570.00.

Nening's Tulahan at Old Palapala in Bacolod City Negros Occidental Philippines
Seafood for sale at the Old Palapala Market

Nening's Tulahan at the Old Palapala

As suggested by the cab driver who drove us from Calea to the Old Palapala, we went to the corner stall. It was called Nening's Tulahan owned by Manuela M. Aragon. True enough, they cooked our food very well it was bursting with amazing flavors. Here is how they cooked our food for PhP 90.00 each:

Lobster in Chili Sauce 

Lobster prices are kind of prohibitive. We did manage to find a bargain here buying one piece of rock lobster weighing approximately half a kilo at only PhP 170.00. For PhP 90.00, we had Nening's Tulahan saute this in delicious chili sauce. But yeah, the thing about lobsters is that there's too little meat inside that hard shell.

Chili lobsters at Old Palapala
Lobster in chili sauce

Blue Marlin Fish Steak 

Along with the lobster, this was our group's favorite that at one point Nathaniel forgot we weren't eating any pork dish at all for that meal. The fish steak sauce was just so good.

Fish steak at Old Palapala
Blue marlin fish steak


The group's least favorite dish. It wasn't one of the best renditions we have come across.

Calamari at Old Palapala

Chili Garlic Shrimps

The chili garlic shrimp was okay, nothing extraordinary. And the ones we bought were too small.

Chili garlic shrimps at Old Palapala
Chili garlic shrimps

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