7 Things to Do at Aliguay Island in Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines

An interesting place in Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines is Aliguay Island. Much of the island is under the management of Dakak Park and Beach Resort of the influential Jalosjos political family. This is the reason why most of the touristy things to do in the island are actually advertised as part of Dakak Park and Beach Resort.

7 Things to do in Aliguay Island

Beach Bumming 

The sand cover at Aliguay Island is not fine, sugary white sand. But just the same, Aliguay has an amazing beach with crushed shells and little pebbles mixing with the sand. 

Aliguay Island Dapitan City Zamboanga del Norte Western Mindanao Philippines
Kayaks and beach umbrellas at a beach in Aliguay

Dolphin Watching

On our way to Aliguay Island from the Mindanao mainland, we saw a few dolphins. I suppose that if we had left earlier in the day, we would have seen more as dolphins. These lovely creatures are known to be most active in the early hours of the morning.


The marine ecosystem around Aliguay Island is also a thing of interest. One of the more popular things tourists do around Aliguay is snorkeling.

Scuba Diving 

For those who want a closer look at the marine life around Aliguay Island, Dakak Park and Beach Resort also offers scuba diving trips for guests. Since currents are strong around the island, this activity is recommended for more advanced scuba divers.


Aliguay is an island surrounded by tempting waters you can be absolutely sure is cleaner than that of Boracay. And if swimming at the beach is not enough, there's also an 8-feet deep swimming pool available.

Swimming pool at Aliguay Island
8-foot deep swimming pool at Aliguay


For those who wish to do a whole body exercise other than swimming, kayaks are also available for guest use.

Seafood Trip

For foodies, there is Tacubo Restaurant on Aliguay Island with seafood dishes as specialty. When I was there for a familiarization trip sponsored by Dakak Park and Beach Resort in 2013, we were treated to crabs in coconut milk, grilled fish, kinilaw na isda, and guso (a type of seaweed).

Seafood-inspired lunch at Tacubo Restaurant
Seafood-inspired lunch at Tacubo Restaurant in Aliguay

Note: Photos are courtesy of Maria Lyra Lumbab-Boholst and  Imee Fatima Aliñabon-Nejudne.
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