3 Good Stuff To Try at The Grain Restaurant in Cebu City, Philippines

Food at hotel-based restaurants are usually expensive in Cebu, Philippines. But this is changing now. One intriguing hotel-based restaurant in Cebu City is The Grain Restaurant. It is located at the Diamond Suites near Ayala Center Cebu. They were my former clients in my team building business a few years back. I also met their marketing manager in the blogging circles in Cebu. Because of these connections, I was able to sample some of their food. Diamond Suites was an event sponsor for the 1st Cebu Blogging Community Ultimate Meetup held last March 7, 2015. Marketing manager Keene Albert Tan also hosted me and a friend for a sampling of their cakes.

The Grain Restaurant in Cebu City, Philippines

The Grain is 1 of 2 cafes or restaurants servicing Diamond Suites. The other is 8th Street Bar and Coffee Lounge. Here are the few dishes I tried at The Grain Restaurant:


Fluffy, cheesy, creamy, and affordable best describes the ensaymada at The Grain Restaurant. Worth a try, specially if you love to have a lot of cheese on top of your bread.

Sweet and fluffy Ensaymada at The Grain Restaurant


When Keene hosted us for food tasting, it was for their cakes. The 4 kinds of cakes we sampled were kiwi cake, coffee caramel cake, pastillas cake, and mango cheesecake. The pastry chef's special was the kiwi cake. They are also pushing the pastillas cake as their signature dessert. My personal favorite also happens to be the pastillas cake. 

Tempting signature cakes at The Grain Restaurant
Signature cakes at The Grain Restaurant

Pan-seared Salmon

I love salmon! I would usually order it when I see it on the menu. So when I dined at The Grain Restaurant, I knew I had to try the salmon on their menu. The pan-seared salmon at The Grain is garnished with salsa, carrots, beans, cauliflower, sweet young corn, and squid slices. I would still say I like the salmon catch dish at Maple better. This one though is definitely better than the one I tried at Rairaiken.

Pan-seared salmon at The Grain Restaurant
Pan-seared salmon

Location and Contact Information of The Grain Restaurant in Cebu City, Philippines

The Grain Restaurant is at the ground floor of Diamond Suites. The property is located at the corner of Apitong and Escario Streets in Kamputhaw, Cebu City, Philippines. Adjacent places are Cebu Parklane International Hotel, Mandarin Plaza Hotel, Quest Hotel and Conference Center Cebu, and Ayala Center Cebu.

Telephone Numbers: 
  • +63 32 402 9800
  • +63 32 260 0000
Fax Number: +63 32 402 9888

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