Privacy is the RAREST commodity.

“What would make me choose Nicolas Resort in Caubian Island (Daku) over the others?”

“It is not in every resort that you get to have the whole island for yourselves.”

These were the words I heard when I had the orientation before staying with my team from the Cebu Team Building Facilitators Network. 

There are a lot of islands that boast about all new amenities, cool water parks, amazing food, high-rise buildings and many more. But what sets Nicolas Resort from the rest is that they offer what few others cannot and it is the word “Privacy”.

Nicolas Island Resort is one of the newest and definitely the one of the most unspoiled island resorts near the Cebu Island exterior. It just takes approximately 40 minutes to get there from mainland Lapu-lapu by boat. And you might be wondering, isn’t there supposed to be an island barangay near the area? It’s the island next to that, it’s in Caubian Daku where the fine grained beach is found.

I didn’t really expect much, knowing what Caubian Island was all about based from previous experience. Yet there it was, waves and the sound of the sea, calling to me from the bluff of the island resort where the entrance was situated. And the best part was, we were the only ones there.

REALLY IMPORTANT REMINDERS: I wouldn’t suggest doing a walk-in, this is to keep the island as private as possible and to show the utmost politeness to the landlord. "Our great grandfather owned the whole islad, then he passed it on to his 7 children. One of those was our grandfather, Nicolas (The father of our mom). We don't want to encourage walk-ins to show respect to our mom's cousins. Their great grandfather acquired the island thru a really intriguing way, wanna find out how he did it? Book a room and you’ll find out during the orientation.

·       * Entrance Fee: Php270 per adult/ Php135 per kid

·       * Gate will always open at 6AM and closes at 5PM,  the friendly staff will greet you with their awesome island smiles to make sure you have an amazing experience away from home.

Overnight use would greatly depend on the number of persons and the type of lodging they’ve chosen. Whether the House with a/c and their very own comfort room, or an awesome tent with a fan. The more members you have from your team, the lesser the rates for each person would be.

With the above rates, one can enjoy the following:
  • THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CORKAGE ON FOOD. (There is corkage on drinks and beverages, except drinking water. No need to bring drinks and beverages as the resort has a bar that sells those.)
  • Free use of grilling/cooking station and kitchen wares / equipment. (Use of gas tank is charged Php 150.00 per group or may increase depending on the number of persons in the group.)
  • Breakfast for OVERNIGHT guests (except children 0-4 yrs. old)
  • Water for bathing
  • Use of facilities, i.e. Comfort rooms, viewing deck

 My crazy-genius professor from Psychology once said "No amount of telling people how it was, will ever compare to when they will experience it themselves." 

And I am telling you right now. Copy the details below and book a reservation to the island manifestation of the word "PRIVACY". 

Contact information
  • Contact number: 0932 137 8320
  • Email:
  • Social: Facebook Page

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