Funtasea Beach Resort in Basay, Negros Oriental

A peaceful place to relax far from the disturbances of city life, long walks of sand beaches, relaxing in cottages while enjoying the sound of waves and birds chirping. When these phrases come to mind when looking for place to conduct your organization’s team building event, then head on to Basay, Negros Oriental, Philippines. All these experiences you can have when you go to FuntaSea Beach Resort.

Located at Nagbo-alao, Basay, Negros Oriental, Philippines, the Funtasea Beach & Resort is a 3-hour drive from Dumaguete City. It is far from any disturbances from the hustle and bustle of city life. Funtasea Beach Resort not only provides a restful relaxation and affordable room rates. It is also very conducive for group events. The name of the place is actually a word play of the words “Fun at Sea” with the word “at” interchanged to make a more pleasant pronunciation. It can also mean “fantasy” as some tourists would imagine the meaning of its slogan that says “a tropical paradise next to nature”.

Funtasea Beach Resort in Basay Negros Occidental
Funtasea Beach Resort

Funtasea Beach Resort features 11 rooms. The rooms can accommodate a range of individuals from 2 persons to a maximum of 7 persons in a room. All rooms are provided with a king-sized Bed, hot & cold shower, and cable TV. A minibar is also provided for larger rooms.

pastel-colored room exteriors
Pastel-colored room exteriors

also caters to people who just want to relax for a day without staying overnight. They have 5 picnic cottages that can fill in around 2–7 people. That makes it ideal for a group of friends enjoying together. They also have 2 family cottages. These family cottages can fill up around 8–10 people making it ideal for large family gatherings.


Funtasea has a bar and restaurant for those who want to have some drinks while enjoying and relaxing. The beach resort even has a monkey and a rare leopard card in a cage.

The resort has a volleyball playing area. Family and friends can play volleyball while food is being prepared. For kids and for those young at heart, there’s a swing nearby. The swing, tables and chairs are all made out of recycled rubber tires. Their colors complement the color and resourcefulness of the entire resort.

The place has an open air hut that can fill in as much as 100 persons. For large gatherings, the hut can be extended to cater large amounts of people by placing extension tents. This is ideal for team building events, birthday, wedding & reception activities, group meetings, family reunions, parties, religious gatherings and the like.

The entire beach resort has enough space to fit several team building activities. Groups can enjoy basking in the sea for water sports or other activities. Access leading to the rooms are wide enough for competitive beach games or race-themed activities. Funtasea can also be a location for night activities. A bonfire can be nestled and members can huddle around conducting activities and sharing experiences.

beautiful beach
Beautiful beach

Contributing writer: Christopher Douglas Avila
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