You Turn My Whole World Around at the Upside Down World Museum in Mandaue City

One fine Sunday afternoon, my friends and I got the chance to stroll around the lively streets of City Time Square located at Mantawi International Drive, Mandaue City, just across Parkmall. Since the square has really lots of restaurants, we ate first and then decided to visit the newly-built museum, Upside Down World Museum situated at the second floor of City Times Square 2.

Cebu Upside Down World Museum was just created this year (2017). It opened on the 23rd of March. The owners got the inspiration of creating such interesting place from different countries. In fact, the museum here in Cebu is already the 7th in the world. The others are located in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia. The good thing about the museum is it is comprised and made of real house furniture and materials unlike other art museums which only portrays paintings. Business hours are from Monday to Sunday, 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. That’s right folks, you can come any day of the week. You can also stay as long as you want until you give up inside. The ‘real’ objects encourage interaction to the visitors to capture more-creative-inverted stills. The ticket price for adults is Php 350.00, while kids with ages 12 and below are Php 250.00, babies with age lower than 3 years old are admitted free of charge.  Of course, since the museum is better visited when many, they also offer discounted rates for specific number of people for field trips and educational tours for example. I shall not be disclosing the specific discounted rates but for more information regarding those, you can simply ask thru their telephone number (032) 234-7842 or email them at

Upside Down World Museum in Mandaue City Cebu Central Visayas Philippines
Cebu Upside Down World Museum

At front desk, you can expect accommodating and smiling staff who will answer your inquiries about the museum. The rest of the staff will come with you in case you need some assistance. Once you’re done paying the registration fee (yes, you pay ahead), they will let you write your name in a registration sheet (maybe to keep track of their sales within the day, I’m not sure), then will ask you to leave your things and footwear in the provided lockers which are generally safe. The numbers in each locker are also inverted! I won’t lie to admit that my heart was racing with excitement as we get in the museum. My first impression was awe and amazedment!

The first area portrayed is the living room combined with reading/study area. The living room has a sala set and real TV. It took us a long time to strike a pose because we were still overwhelmed with the place. It’s simply extraordinary. Good thing, the friendly staff who accompanied us were giving us tips on how to pose. After a series of awkward picture-taking, we decided to move to another area which is the bed room.

The small bed is surrounded by a small table and big cabinet on the right side and some chairs adjacent to it. The common theme of the bedroom is that it is made of bamboo wood giving the whole area a ‘yellow-ish’ and bright vibe. So the photos we took are somewhat lively too. Mine, for example, is a yoga pose just above the bed. 

Upside Down World Museum in Mandaue City Cebu Central Visayas Philippines
Bedroom at the Upside Down World Museum

I also had a funny picture at the big cabinet as if I’m carrying it. Next stop was the Kindergarten/Kid’s area. There is no exact name for each room; however you can easily distinguish them by the things used.

Upside Down World Museum in Mandaue City Cebu Central Visayas Philippines
"Carrying" the cabinet at the Upside Down World Museum

Kindergarten area was of course full of colorful designs. The stools were of different colors and there are notebooks and color pencils pasted on the table. There is also a kitchenette and playhouse with stuffed toys inside its divisions. The museum really targets the whole family as audience. It is also important to note that all the materials are sealed properly (and with caution) on the ceiling to ensure safety to everyone. As we took pictures, lots of people are starting to come in. The museum is slowly garnering attention of its fresh concept not only to Filipinos but also to tourists as well. Next stop is the Kitchen followed by the Dining area.

The Kitchen has aprons for you to have a ‘chef-feeling’ when posing. It  has scattered condiments and food atop the cabinets making you feel like someone just finished cooking without outing everything back together in place. The cabinets are made of wood so you can push yourself to climb and make your picture more creative. There is also a refrigerator (which can be opened), an oven and a sink positioned at the center of the whole area. As we grew accustomed to the museum, our poses get better and crazier! The dining area is the different from the rest as it is glued on the side of the wall not above or on the ceiling. However, since it is related to food, we all our fair share of ideas on how to pose with our favorite task of the day – eating. Thus, if you want any ideas in taking pictures, simply, relate your picture according to the environment or area of the house you are in.

Upside Down World Museum in Mandaue City Cebu Central Visayas Philippines
Kitchen at the Upside Down World Museum

The next area is the Marketplace. It contains fruit and vegetable stalls, big baskets, fishes and meat with ice. I really appreciate how detailed the area was for you to grasp what place are you currently visiting. There are also hanging real bicycles which were a little scary for me but it didn’t stop us from goofing around since we were really enjoying it already.

Then we went to the Bathroom. It was composed of real toilet seats and sink and even bottles of liquid detergent soaps and shampoos. There is a towel in which you can use for comedic purposes. It’s really up to you. The cabinets were also sturdy enough to carry your weight.

The second to the last room was my favorite of all. I don’t even know what to call it. But since it is surrounded by vintage-looking-chairs and table (with crystal ball, candles and a spell book), I shall call it the ‘Mystic Room’. There is a cabinet located at the right side adjacent to the red door (which cannot be opened). There are potion bottles and skulls to add to the room’s mystic vibes. The surrounding wallpaper is a dark galaxy full of bright stars. So not only can you take a picture with the chairs and tables but you can also use the galaxy wallpaper as background too. It’s really a matter of utilizing everything.

Upside Down World Museum in Mandaue City Cebu Central Visayas Philippines
Mystic room at the Upside Down World Museum

The last room was the Casino area. Well, our energy was really drained out after all the exhibitions we have done to the other rooms still we still got ideas in our sleeves. The casino room has a big legit casino table with chips on them. There are also spin wheels and other gambling machines. 

The exit of the museum is located at the Casino area. Once you are back at the lobby, there are Upside Down World Museum souvenirs and other memorabilia that you can buy to commemorate your successful tour. It was indeed a fun and challenging visit on Upside Down World Museum. I would greatly recommend this to anyone who is looking for adventure with almost doing nothing but just taking a picture.

Full disclosure note:
This article was submitted by Quennie Nikki Paring who attended a bloggers familiarization tour of the Cebu Upside Down World Museum sponsored by the museum itself. Rest assured, all opinions stated here are that of Quennie's and are not influenced in any way. 
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