Duaw sa Dauis, Bohol, Philippines

Dauis, one of two towns that occupy Panglao Island in Bohol, is one of the oldest towns of the province. I will get the chance to visit Dauis to arrange a client's Bohol itinerary for April. Dauis is the entry point to Panglao Island, and while most tourists will probably make a mad dash to famous Alona Beach, I will explore Panglao Island's lesser known town.


La Veranda Beach Resort

I will be staying for one night at the La Veranda Beach Resort in Catarman, Dauis, Bohol, Philippines. As of posting time, I am looking at reserving a De Luxe room for my accommodations.

Visiting Dauis Bohol Philippines
View of the sea from La Veranda Resort at Dauis, Bohol, Philippines
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Places I'm Planning to Visit

Dauis Municipal Hall

The first order of the tour will be a courtesy call to the town's local tourism office, discuss with them the places I want to visit, and listen to their itinerary suggestions.

Visiting Dauis Panglao Island Bohol Philippines
Dauis World War II Veterans Memorial


Dauis is in Panglao and boasts of some good beaches in the Barangays of Biking, Bingag, and Dao. I'll definitely have some time for beach bumming and strolling. There are also opportunities to do some snorkeling  particularly at Bikini Beach in Barangay Biking. So, I might just get my gears ready, snorkeling masks, flippers, floaters, life jackets, and a waterproof bag.

Shrine of the Our Lady of Assumption, Convent, Belfry and Watchtower

The Roman Catholic church of Dauis or Señora de la Asuncion Shrine was badly damaged during the October 2013 earthquake and I'm hoping there is much progress done in its restoration. This church was built in 1863. The convent was built in 1884 and a church stone tower bears the date 1774 which was also probably the date it was erected. 

Visiting Dauis Bohol Philippines
Dauis church interior under restoration works

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Dauis Pilgrim Heritage Center

Located at the pictureque rectory courtyard of the Senora de la Asuncion Shrine, the Dauis Pilgrim Heritage Center houses both the Handumanan Shop and Cafe Lawis.

Visiting Dauis Panglao Island Bohol Philippines

Cafe Lawis
As per my online research, this is a must-visit place in Dauis town. It features al fresco dining and the recommended dishes are Souffle Cake in Tsokolate Eh, Ube Kinampay, and Ginger flavors, the Ube Kinampay Cupcake, and the Pork Humba Panini. Hopefully, they also sell Ube Kinampay here so I can buy some for friends and family back in Cebu.

Visiting Dauis Panglao Island Bohol Philippines
Souffle cake

Handumanan Shop
The Handumanan Shop offers interesting items made by local artisans such as the uma, handcrafted tabletop shrines for religious images, known for its elaborate carvings. It is apparently very hard to come by. Hopefully, some umas will be available when I visit.

Visiting Dauis Panglao Island Bohol Philippines
Souvenirs for sale

Bohol Bee Farm

Lots of exciting activities await my party at the Bohol Bee Farm in Barangay Dao. We might end up doing the farm tour, raffia weaving, and some souvenir shopping at the Buzzz Souvenir Shop. I've heard, this place also serves a good buffet meal at The Buzzz Cafe. I will be on the lookout for that.

Visiting Dauis Bohol Philippines
Bohol Bee Farm in barangay Dao
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Dauis Baluarte

According to historical records and oral traditions, there used to be a fortification built by the Jesuits in Dauis, at the epistle side of the church. While the structure is no longer visible, some historians suggests that the low wall bordering the plaza near the apse could have been part of the structure.

Hinagdanan Cave 

One of the more popular tourist attractions in Dauis is the Hinagdanan Cave in Barangay Bingag. Good luck to big, old me as I will try to fit in the cave's 1-meter entrance so I can enjoy the view of stalactites and stalagmites.

Visiting Dauis Bohol Philippines
Hinagdanan Cave
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The House of Bayoyoy

One of the smallest men in the Philippines, Bayoyoy's needs are sustained by the family's meager income from their sari-sari store and donations from well-meaning visitors. Bayoyoy and 5 of his 11 siblings has a condition called dwarfism. Only Bayoyoy survived to live to his 60's). This is an opportunity for me to extend a little help.

Mayacabac Man-made Forest

I saw this Mayacabac Man-made Forest on Google Maps but couldn't find much information about it so I may just have to ask the staff at the local tourism office for details on this.

Visiting Dauis Bohol Philippines
Mayacabac Man-made Forest in Dauis, Bohol, Philippines

The Well at Upper Songculan 

Locals recall being told stories of locals digging a deep well for a Spanish leader in 1900 which is 30 fathoms deep and a diameter of about 3 meters. I will go looking for any indication of this well in Upper Songculan.

18th Century Bridge built by the Spaniards

The Governor Jacinto Borja Bridge connects Mansasa, Tagbilaran City to Poblacion, Dauis. This causeway was built by the Spaniards in the 18th century. This is one of two bridges that connects Tagbilaran City to Panglao Island.

Visiting Dauis Panglao Island Bohol Philippines
Borja Bridge

Songculan Lake 

Contrary to popular belief that there are no rivers and lakes in Panglao Island, there is actually a lake in Songculan, Dauis, A visit to this inland body of water is in order.

One of two bridges in Dauis town, Songculan Bridge is built over Songculan Lake and is made of timber. 
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