The Bohol Bee Farm Tour: Say Bee!

When I visited the Bohol Bee Farm at Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol in late March this year, I was pressed for time and I could only eat lunch at The Buzzz Cafe, do a little souvenir shopping, and missed the other activities. I was lucky enough to visit a second time in early July with my cousin and her family who I accompanied in the Visayas leg of their Philippine tour. This time, I was able to have a taste of one of the curious flavors of their organic ice cream at the Buzzz Cafe: spicy ginger. And finally able to join the Bohol Bee Farm tour.

Bohol Bee Farm

The Buzz Ice Cream

The first time I dined at the Bohol Bee Farm, I stuffed myself too much that even if I wanted some ice cream, I couldn't anymore. The organic ice cream at The Buzzz Cafe has many flavors that can get one curious. Some of their ice cream flavors are peanut kisses , ube (purple yam), malunggay, jackfruit, buko (coconut), dragonfruit, avocado, spicy ginger, chocolate, pandan, and durian. I had spicy ginger. Ohh! I mentioned that already. How did it taste? Just like spicy ginger. Really, no kidding.

Organic ice cream

The Bohol Bee Farm Tour

The Bohol Bee Farm Tour takes guests on a tour around the facility. The tour guide explains about companion farming, how Bohol Bee Farm provides livelihood opportunities to the community, what Bohol Bee Farm does in preserving the practice of traditional weaving methods in making Raffia cloth, and the highlight of course, is informing tourists about bee behavior. No tours are done when it is raining since bees are said to be aggressive in the rain.

Raffia weaving

Hand loom machine

Holding up a colony of bees

My brother holding up a colony of bees
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