Appreciating the Bohol Countryside Tour

The Bohol Countryside Tour is among the more commonly offered activities for tourists in Bohol alongside an island hopping trip with snorkeling and dolphin or turtle-watching, and the Panglao Island land tour. The more common itinerary include stops at Chocolate Hills, the Habitat Butterfly Sanctuary, the Python and Wildlife Park, the Bilar man-made mahogany forest, the floating restaurant tour, the tarsier conservation, Aproniana Gift and Souvenir Shop, and Baclayon Church before it was destroyed in the 2013 earthquake. Recently, the JICA-funded ecotourism project of Bohol Biodiversity Center has become part of some tours.

Chocolate Hills

Simply Bohol's most popular tourist attraction is the Chocolate Hills, a collection of more than 1270 hills. A tourist observatory with a 214-step ascent was built on the hill with the highest elevation at Carmen town. Entrance to the Carmen park costs PHP 50 per person.

Bohol Countryside tour Philippines
Chocolate Hills

Python & Wildlife Park

Alburquerque's python and wildlife sanctuary claims to have once held the longest and heaviest python in captivity, and now they claim to have the world's largest preserved python. Entrance fees are at PHP 30 for adults.

Habitat Butterfly Sanctuary

The Habitat Butterfly Sanctuary in Bilar town admits visitors for PHP 40 each to watch colorful butterflies roam freely in the sanctuary.

Bohol Countryside tour Philippines
Habitat Butterfly Sanctuary

Tarsier Conservation

The tarsier attraction in Bohol have since been moved to the primates' natural habitat in Loboc town. Adults pay an entrance fee of PHP 60 to be admitted to the facility.

Bilar Man-Made Mahogany Forest

The man-made mahogany forest in Bilar is a controversial project. Mahogany is not a tree that is endemic to the Philippines and actually destroyed the biodiversity of the Bilar landscape. One can notice that the Bilar man-made forest is a silent forest as the mahogany trees are not natural habitats of endemic fauna.

Bohol Biodiversity Center

The Bohol Biodiversity Center ecotourism project is funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency or JICA. Attached to the Bohol Island State University-Bilar Campus, BBC's mission is to restore the natural biodiversity of the Bohol landscape. Admission to the center costs PHP 20. A popular activity is tree-planting which will cost an additional PHP 50 for the cost of the saplings.

Bohol Countryside tour Philippines
Tree planting in Bilar

Floating Restaurant

There are two choices for the floating river cruise along the route of the Bohol Countryside Tour: the Rio Verde Floating Restaurant in Loay and the one that operates out of the Loboc Tourism Complex. The Rio Verde restaurant costs PHP 450 to PHP 550 and the Loboc restaurant costs PHP 450, all inclusive of the buffet and local government fees.

Bohol Countryside tour Philippines
Rio Verde Floating Restaurant in Loay

The Rio Verde cruise includes a stop at the Ati Tribe settlement along the riverbanks while the Loboc cruise features waterfalls and cultural performances along the route.

Bohol Countryside tour Philippines
Ati Tribe drummers

Batuan Shiphaus

Aproniana Gift Shop

Souvenir shopping can be done at Aproniana Gift Shop in Baclayon town. When you want to be generous to your tour driver, stop by this place as they get a 2% commission on your purchases.

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