Why You Should Visit Azul Surf When In Cebu

There are three reasons that a tourist in Cebu must visit Azul Surf at Mango Square Mall: Food, music, love. 


The food is great at Azul Surf. While Azul has been popularly known for it's tuslob buwa, there is actually more than that at Azul Surf. The menu is a fusion of authentic Cebuano, Korean, Japanese, some Chinese, and Italian cuisine. The menu also has something for just about anyone: vegetarian dishes, seafood offerings, rice meals, spicy food.

Azul Surf Signature Dishes

Azul started the tuslob buwa craze as a mainstream Cebuano street food in it's Gorordo Avenue joint. Aside from tuslob buwa, Azul also thought of such dishes as Sing-Sing and Surf N'Turf.

Tuslob Buwa

Tuslob buwa used to be just an urban legend to many Cebuanos who only heard of it as a popular pangmasa dish in Pasil. Azul brought this dish to the mainstream Cebuano culture and has since then capitalized on its popularity.

Tuslob buwa ready for cooking


Sing-sing is an original Azul creation. The name could come from the Cebuano word kasing-kasing which means heart in English. The main ingredient of the dish is sauteed chicken heart giving it a gummy texture.


Surf N'Turf

Enjoy meat and seafood at the same time with Azul's Surf N'Turf.

Surf N'Turf

Filipino Dishes


Kinupsan is deep-fried pork fat without the rind. It's somehow similar to chicharon but instead of the pork rind, this one uses pork fat. Dip it in vinegar and let it melt in your mouth.

Pork Sisig

Azul Surf's take on sisig blends well with the Filipino palate as it is somewhat sweet.

Pork sisig


Azul surf also servesa few Japanese-inspired dishes such as sushi, ramen and tempura.

California Maki

Ebi tempura



Azul Surf's Samgyeopsal set costs PHP 200 and comes with 2 kinds of kimchi, 2 rice bowls, cabbage, pork belly, and onions. Spicy food lovers will be in for a treat as the kimchi is really hot!

Samgyeopsal set

Ian grilling the pork belly

Pizza and Pasta


All of Azul Surf's pizza is made with mozarella cheese.

Seafood Pizza


While Azul Surf is not an exclusively Italian restaurant, the pasta is great.

Pasta Carbonara
Garlic Pesto Pasta


Being a musician, owner Ian Sekong made sure music will be part of the Azul Surf experience. Friday nights are reserved for ukulele performances at Azul Surf while tribal and ethnic music dominate the airwaves on Saturdays.


Azul Surf was conceptualized largely based on what the owner loves and is so passionate about: music, surfing, art, cooking, food.

Why Azul? Why The Surfing Theme?

The restaurant is named Azul because Ian loves blue. Yellow and blue is Ian's favorite colors. Blue actually dominate the interior design at Azul Surf. Ian is also a frustrated surfer hence the surfing theme. Retired surfboards from Lanuza, Surigao del Sur are part of the interior design.

Retired surfboards from Lanuza
Give them some love, visit Azul Surf at Mango Square Mall along Mango Avenue (General Maxilom Street). It is right beside Club Hype. You may also visit their Facebook page at Azul Surf.

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