San Isidro Labrador Church and Convent in Lazi

Among the historical churches of Siquijor, the San Isidro Church in Lazi is probably the most popular. Equally popular is its convent, said to be the oldest and biggest in Asia. Both structures were built under the supervision of Augustinian Recollect priest Father Toribio Sanchez. Old acacia trees also add to the rustic feel of the church and convent. I recently visited this church and convent in Lazi during a recent visit to Siquijor.

San Isidro Labrador Church in Larena Siquijor Philippines
San Isidro Church in Lazi, Siquijor, Philippines

San Isidro Labrador Parish Church 

The San Isidro Labrador Church is a neoclassical style stone church built by Filipino artisans in 1884. It's bell tower was built the year after. It is among the churches nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage List of 2006 under the collective group of Baroque Churches in the Philippines.

In 2012, the National Museum of the Philippines declared the Lazi Church a National Cultural Treasure of the Philippines. Since 1984, it has also been declared a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

What is unique about the Lazi church is its wooden floor panels that are well preserved up to this date.

San Isidro Labrador Church in Larena Siquijor Philippines
Interior of the San Isidro Labrador Church in Lazi, Siquijor, Philippines

Lazi Convent

The Lazi Convent is probably the largest and biggest Catholic convent not only in the Philippines but in the entire Asian continent. It's dimensions are 42 meters by 38 meters. Construction of the structure was started in 1887 under the supervision of Augustinian Recollect priests and inaugurated in 1891. The convent made of coral stones and hardwood now houses the Siquijor Heritage Museum which keeps a collection of important church relics and paraphernalia. The u-shaped structure is sometimes referred to as bahay na bato for the coral stones used in its construction. The second level is made of hardwood.

San Isidro Labrador Church in Larena Siquijor Philippines
Lazi Convent in Lazi, Siquijor, Philippines
Note: Photos are courtesy of April Joy "Bebsy" Lamis of the Negros Oriental Provincial Tourism Unit taken during the 1st #InfoTourismAdventureRace at the 22nd aanual regional convention of the Regional Association of Development Information Officers 7 (RADIO 7) at #SensationalSiquijor.
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