Bucket List On My Next Trip to Siquijor

I have taken many trips to the mystical island they also refer to as the island of fire. Yet, I just seem to not have enough of Siquijor. Every time it was time to leave each time I visit, I always get the strange feeling of wanting to explore the island more and a longing to be back.

Siquijor is simply sensational

The last time I was in the island was 28-30 October 2015 during the 22nd annual convention of the RADIO 7 (Reginal Association of Development Information Officers 7) where I was a resource person teaching tourism officers and information officers from around the Central Visayas region the basics of blogging. That last visit was quite a tour too, as it took me to a lot of places of interest in the island. Prior to that October visit, I was also in the island with a cousin and her family on a vacation trip in July this year. We went to a lot of places in that trip too. Despite these recent trips, I still find myself yearning for more. So I sat down, reflected, and thought about what else I have missed. After which I made a bucket list of places that I want to visit the next time I get to visit Siquijor.

Here's my bucket list:

Firefly Watching 

The Spanish referred to Siquijor as isla del fuego or island of fire because of the eerie glow of fireflies from the island's molave and mangrove forests. In my many trips to Siquijor, I have not experienced watching the fireflies at their natural habitat at night. I'd like to do this the next time I visit Siquijor.

Cantabon Cave 

Cantabon Cave is Siquijor's most famous among the 46 identified caves. This is definitely a stop on my next visit.

Lugnason and Cangbangag Falls 

For my last two visits in Siquijor, I dropped by Cambugahay Falls in Lazi. I wish to visit the two other waterfalls in San Juan and Larena on my next trip to the island.

Bocaboc and Polo Islets 

I heard there are beautiful sandbars in Siquijor. I want to visit Bocaboc Islet in San Juan and Polo Islet in Maria.

Tulapos Marine Sanctuary and Mangrove Tree House 

Come with me as I explore the abundant marine life and mangrove wildlife at Tulapos on my next visit. And, I'm climbing the tree house too!
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Bolo-bolo Folk Healer 

I hope that by the next time I am able to visit the mystical province of Siquijor, Nanay Conching Achay will still be alive and still practicing her famed bolo-bolo healing practice or if not, she has already passed on the tradition to an apprentice.

What is in your Siquijor bucket list? Let's talk about it in the comments section.

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