Why Visit Siquijor

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Siquijor has a mysterious drawing power on me. It always makes me feel I want to come back for more each time I leave the island to be back in my home base in Cebu. I reflected on the things that draw me to the mystic island and as best I could, I chronicle these reasons in this post.

Why Visit Siquijor

Laid Back Lifestyle 

When you are tired of the hustle and bustle of urban living, you will find great respite in Siquijor. Life in Siquijor has no haste at all. While Type A personalities might take some time getting used to the laid back lifestyle in Siquijor, the kind of slow paced atmosphere is relaxing and relieves stress for the weary urban visitor.

Fresh Air 

Siquijor is a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. Urban dwellers will find Siquijor a breather from their polluted environments and hasty lifestyles. I always love the fresh air in the island whether it is the gentle sea breeze or the relaxing mountain breeze.

Nature's Bounty 

Siquijor is abundant in seafood and other natural resources. I have always loved the saang (spider conch shell), kulabutan, salawaki (sea urchin), and sangkutsa (a chicken dish) in the island. The entire seascape surrounding the island is a marine protected area and one can marvel at the diversity of marine life this island is blessed. 

saang in Siquijor Philippines
Saang in Siquijor, Philippines

More than just the marine bounty, Siquijor is also blessed with many natural wonders such as caves, waterfalls, beaches, and springs. Siquijor is a true heaven for the nature lover.

Quiet Places to Meditate 

While there is too little quiet spaces in the urban areas, travel to Siquijor and you will find a great number of places where you can enjoy the quiet atmosphere. The total population of the entire Siquijor province is only around 100,000 with a great number concentrated in the town centers. This means that there are still many places in Siquijor that is not too heavily populated or not populated at all. While many of these quiet places are sometimes frequented by tourists, they still are good spots for meditation. Examples of these places are churches, beaches, mountaintops and hilltops, springs, caves, and jungle trails.

Wonderful People 

Siquijor has been much maligned as a bailiwick of black magic, of evil sorcery, and witchcraft. Siquijor province has officially denied this. I also feel this is unfair for the Siquijodnons who are wonderful people in my experience. Siquijodnons are among the most humble, hospitable, and friendliest people I have met. So, when you are ready to shed off that misperception, head out to Siquijor and experience the warmth and generosity of its people.

The Beaches

Siquijor's beaches are among the least touched by commercialization in the entire Philippines. While there are already a lot of beach resorts, most of these are small scale operators. Commercial and illegal fishing are virtually unheard of and the coastlines are very well-preserved. Some beaches have fine grain white sand particularly the ones in San Juan town, some beaches have a sand cover that is a mixture of pebbles, sand, crushed seashells, and coral fossils, yet some beaches are also located in mangrove areas.

beach in Siquijor Philippines
Beach in Siquijor, Philippines

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