Exploring San Juan, Siquijor

The town of San Juan in Siquijor is regarded as the beach and tourism capital of the mystic island province. I usually stay at the island's biggest beach resort in Tubod, San Juan when I visit the island. That resort is the Coco Grove Beach and Dive Resort, owned by Michael Butler. San Juan occupies a land area of 40.48 square kilometers. According to the 2010 census, the town has a population of 13,525 of which 9,356 were registered voters in 2013.

A Bit of History 

The town of San Juan used to be called Makalipay and once ruled by a local chieftain that goes by the name of Datu Capilay. When the Spaniards came, they named the place in honor of Saint John the Baptist probably because of the presence of a spring in the middle of town. Since then, the town has been known as San Juan. Yet unlike many towns named San Juan in the Philippines with Saint John as patron saint, San Juan's patron saint is Saint Augustine of Hippo.

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Places of Interest

There is more to San Juan aside from it's beautiful white sand beaches. Here is a list of other interesting things to do and places to visit in San Juan.

Capilay Spring Park 

San Juan town's iconic landmark is the Capilay Spring Park which is right in the middle of the town center.

San Juan Siquijor Philippines
Capilay Spring Park
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Lugnason Falls 

Lugnason Falls is probably the second most popular waterfall in Siquijor after Lazi town's Cambugahay Falls. Access may be a bit tricky but not impossible.

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Bolobolo Folk Healer 

Nanay Conching Aday is the most popular surviving bolobolo folk healer in Siquijor. She does her practice in the comforts of her home in barangay Tag-ibo. Bolobolo traditional healing involves the folk healer blowing into a clear glass of water placed on top of the affected body area. The water supposedly becomes murky. The procedure is repeated until the water no longer becomes murky, a sign that the patient has already been healed.

Beaches and Marine Sanctuaries

San Juan is the beach and tourism capital of Siquijor. Many of Siquijor's beach resorts are found in this area especially in the barangays of Solangon and Tubod. There are also a number of marine sanctuaries that are part of the municipality such as the Tubod Marine Sanctuary and the Paliton Marine Protected Area.

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