Exploring Maria, Siquijor

During a recent visit to mystical Siquijor island, I participated in an adventure race organized by the brilliant Vince Escario. I was however assigned to a team of the more elderly participants which had very little to no chance of winning. But rather than complain, we chose to enjoy the entire experience, not by competing to win the race but in deciding to take it real slow and enjoy the places of interest along the way. Luckily enough, two (2) members of our team are quite influential Siquijodnons. One was the former mayor of Maria town, Irving Roy Vios. And when we got to Maria town, he toured us around town. What a wonderful tour it was!

Salagdoong Forest
Man-made forest in Maria, Siquijor, Philippines

Quick Facts About Maria

Maria is a sleepy, fifth class municipality in the province of Siquijor. As of the 2010 census, it has a population of 13,383. 74% of the population is above 18 years old. It occupies a total land area of 56.31 square kilometers or 21.74 square miles.

Places of Interest and Things to Do in Maria, Philippines

Cliff Diving at Salagdoong Beach Resort

There's a rock inside the Salagdoong Beach Resort that protrudes into the sea. The rock features two diving platforms and a slide. It is popular among adventure lovers who visit Siquijor. 20 to 30 feet cliff diving is the in thing here. Other popular activities at Salagdoong beach are kayaking, sunbathing, and simply bathing in the beach.

Tree Planting at Salagdoong Man-made Molave Forest 

For groups who wish to contribute to environmental preservation, they have a chance to make some impact by doing a free planting activity at Salagdoong man-made molave forest, the biggest in Southeast Asia.

Salagdoong Forest
Tree planting at Salagdoong Man-made Forest in Maria, Siquijor, Philippines
(Photo courtesy of April Joy Lamis)

Visita Iglesia at The Our Lady of Divine Providence Church and Poor Clare Monastery

At the center of town in Maria is the Spanish-era Our Lady of Divine Providence Parish Church or simply known as the Santa Maria Church to locals. It is popular for its legend of the Black Maria, an image of Santa Rita of Cascia said to roam the town at night. Not far from the church is the Poor Clare Monastery of the Our Lady of Divine Providence.

Santa Maria Church Siquijor
Our Lady of Divine Providence Church in Maria, Siquijor, Philippines
(Photo courtesy of April Joy Lamis)

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