Salagdoong Beach Resort in Maria, Siquijor

At the edge of the Salagdoong man-made molave forest is a government-run beach resort, Salagdoong Beach Resort in Olang, Maria, Siquijor. It is so cool passing by the largest man-made molave forest in Southeast Asia providing a shade with it's canopy like tree cover then welcomed by the refreshing vista of the beach at the Salagdoong Beach Resort. I have visited this resort twice this year. The first visit was in June when I was with relatives visiting from the United States. The second was just last month when I was at the 22nd annual regional convention of the Regional Association of Development Information Officers 7 (RADIO 7).

Resort Features


Tourists doing the roundabout Siquijor tour usually have their lunch at the cafeteria in Salagdoong Beach Resort, the midpoint of most tours that go around the island. The cafeteria is very simplistic, and serves a variety of food items at very affordable prices. Most dishes served here are Filipino favorites and a lot of seafood choices.

Cliff Diving

Salagdoong is most popular as the cliff diving destination in Siquijor. For the less adventurous, they can choose to slide into the water instead. There are two (2) cliff diving heights at the Salagdoong cliff. The higher option is at thirty (30) feet, the lower is at twenty (20) feet.

Salagdoong Beach Resort in Maria Siquijor Central Visayas Philippines
Water slide at the Salagdoong Cliff

Agripino Hotel 

The Agripino Hotel within the resort offers some accommodation options for tourists who wish to spend the night.


While the beach does not feature fine grain white sand, it still is a good one. It's sand cover is a mixture of white sand, crushed seashells, small pebbles, and coral fossils that feels ticklish to the bare foot. The waters at Salagdoong Beach are so clear that one can see the seabed even from a distance.

Salagdoong Beach Resort in Maria Siquijor Central Visayas Philippines
Salagdoong Beach Resort

Salagdoong Beach Resort in Maria Siquijor Central Visayas Philippines
Salagdoong's shoreline

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