Why I am Doing Another 30-Day Blogging Challenge?

I am doing another 30-day blog posting challenge from mid-November to mid-December, this time for the Around the Philippines blog. Last month, I completed a 30-day challenge organized by the Cebu Blogging Community. The blog I used for that challenge was the Wonderful Cebu blog.

Starting today, I will also be taking on another 30-day blogging challenge inspired by my recent trip to sensational Siquijor island as part of a pack of ten (10) bloggers affiliated with the Cebu Blogging Community (CBC) to serve as mentors to tourism officers and public information officers participating in the 22nd annual convention of the Regional Association of Development Information Officers (RADIO 7).

30-day blogging challenge about Siquijor Philippines
22nd RADIO 7 annual convention


So why am I at it again less than a month removed from completing the previous 30-day blog posting challenge? Some of the reasons are similar from my reasons for joining the challenge last month.

Populate Blog With Relevant Posts 

I intend to populate the Around the Philippines blog with relevant posts that will move me closer to my vision of making the Around the Philippines blog to become a reliable travel guide for both foreign and domestic tourists wishing to explore the Philippines. For each day in the next thirty (30) days, I will publish one article about my entire experience in Siquijor. The articles will be features about the places of interest we visited in Siquijor as well as my own personal experiences in the mystic island of fire. Our goal is to publish at least one hundred (100) posts on the blog before the year end.

Practice My Writing Skills 

The previous 30-day blog posting challenge I joined was a very good exercise on practicing my writing skills. In the next  thirty (30) days, I again would like to practice my writing skills and improve on it by writing everyday. This will also help me level up in terms of self-discipline, time management, and task organization, among other things.

Maximize Promotion of Siquijor 

One of the reasons why CBC-affiliated bloggers were invited to participate in the convention was to help in promoting the island province as a tourism destination. With a daily post about the beautiful island in thirty (30) days, I will be able to maximize the promotion of Siquijor to my blog readers. I hope they will be intrigued enough reading about it's charms, click the share buttons, and make the posts viral so more tourists will be encouraged to visit Siquijor.

30-day blogging challenge about Siquijor Philippines
Promote Siquijor

Improve Blog Metrics

Currently, the Alexa ranking for the Around the Philippines blog is number 518,329 worldwide and number 4,817 in the Philippines. It has a Domain Authority (DA) of 93 and a Page Authority (PA) of 28 with a mozRank (mR) of 2.74. I expect to see improvements in these metrics after the 30-day blog posting challenge.


To maintain discipline during my 30-day self-organized blog posting challenge, I have set the following guidelines to follow:

  1. Each post should have a minimum of 300 words. As much as possible, I wish to write longer articles.
  2. Each post must contain a minimum of three (3) photos.
  3. Internal linking must be done for each post.
  4. At the end of each post, the hashtags #SensationalSiquijor, #CBCLevelUp, #iBlogforSiquijor, #InfoTourismAdventureRace, and #iBlogforCBC must be used.
  5. Each blog post must be promoted in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)


To help me create content for the next thirty (30) days, I have come up with suggested topics that will serve as my guide throughout this self-imposed challenge. Below is a list of possible topics that subscribers and readers of the Around the Philippines blog might come across in the next thirty (30) days.
  1. The 1st #InfoTourismAdventureRace in #SensationalSiquijor
  2. Capilay Spring Park at Poblacion, San Juan, Siquijor
  3. Making herbal oil (lana) at San Antonio, Siquijor
  4. Triad Restaurant and Coffee Shop at Larena, Siquijor
  5. Baking Pan Bisaya at Binuongan, Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor
  6. Salagdoong man-made molave forest in Olang, Maria, Siquijor
  7. Cambugahay Falls in Cangclaran, Lazi, Siquijor
  8. Dinner at the Siquijor Boulevard
  9. Sandugan Beach Boulevard at Sandugan, Larena, Siquijor
  10. Cang-isok House at Libo, Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor
  11. Our Lady of Divine Providence Parish Church in Maria, Siquijor
  12. Salagdoong Beach Resort in Olang, Maria, Siquijor
  13. San Isidro Labrador Church and Convent in Lazi, Siquijor
  14. Salamandas Restaurant at Coco Grove Beach and Dive Resort
  15. Exploring Siquijor, Siquijor
  16. Exploring San Juan, Siquijor
  17. Exploring Lazi, Siquijor
  18. Exploring Maria, Siquijor
  19. Exploring Enrique Villanueva (Talingting), Siquijor
  20. Exploring Larena, Siquijor
  21. Some Legends of Siquijor
  22. Bucket list for my next trip to Siquijor
  23. Blogs created during the 1st #InfoTourismAdventureRace in #SensationalSiquijor
  24. How Team Blaagers finished last in the 1st #InfoTourismAdventureRace in #SensationalSiquijor yet had the most enjoyable experience
  25. Reasons to visit Siquijor
  26. Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete City
  27. CBC Bloggers' Siquijor Sojourn
  28. Thank you post for the #SensationalSiquijor trip
  29. Weekly link post summary within the 30-day period
  30. Monthly link post summary for November 2015
  31. Summary post of the 30-day blog posting challenge

Current Content About Siquijor

Since my recent Siquijor sojourn was not the first time I visited the 3rd smallest province in the Philippines, the Around the Philippines blog already has some existing content about Siquijor. I will improve content on the published articles thanks to a myriad of new information I have gained because of that last trip I took with bloggers, tourism officers, public information officers, and the adventure race organizers. Below are links to the existing content about Siquijor on this blog:

Appeal To Readers

This 30-day blog posting challenge that I am doing is to help promote Siquijor to tourists, foreign and local. To help with this promotion, I have an appeal to the readers and subscribers of this blog:
  1. Please share articles by clicking on the Shareaholic floating buttons you see on the left side of the blog.
  2. I encourage readers and subscribers to engage in discussion. Comments left at the end of articles are very well appreciated.  
  3. I hope all of you will also have the patience to visit this blog everyday for the next thirty (30) days and read and learn more about the mystic island of fire.
  4. Please like the Around the Philippines blog Facebook fan page. As of today, it only has 74 likes on the page. I look forward to seeing you there. Do invite your friends to like the page too.
  5. Join us at the Around the Philippines blog Facebook group. So far, there are 1,139 members in the group. See you there soon!
30-day blogging challenge about Siquijor Philippines
30-day blog posting challenge, Siquijor edition

Are you doing or planning to do a 30-day blog posting challenge too? What is your inspiration for your own challenge? 

#SensationalSiquijor #CBCLevelUp #iBlogforSiquijor #InfoTourismAdventureRace #iBlogforCBC
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  1. Aiiiiii...not all of the places mentioned were covered during the adventure race. :( Alkansi ko.

  2. thank you for sharing you blig challenge success, I jyst started mine today.

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