Uniquely Pinoy: Coco Pins at Coco Grove Resort in Siquijor

While on vacation and checked in at the Coco Grove Resort in Tubod, San Juan, Siquijor, we were amused to come across this unique game at the resort patterned from bowling and a litle bit of chess. The game is called Coco Pins and we found about two areas near the beach where it can be played. It's probably called Coco Pins because it uses a coconut to knock down wooden pins similar to that in bowling.

How The Game is Played

Number of Players 

Coco Pins can be played by any number of players. They take their turns in playing the game of Coco Pins. When we found this game, there were five (5) of us and we all took our turns in the game.

Coco Pins Game Rules

Firstly, the wooden pins are arranged on a wooden frame with the "king" in the middle. Eight other regular pins are placed around the "king".

Game start
When the wooden pieces are already arranged on the wooden frame, a player takes a suspended coconut and stretches it as far as he wants to before he lets it go with the objective of knocking as many pins as the coconut can. Player get's  two (2) chances to knock all pins out.

4 pins left

Scoring the Coco Pins Game

For every pin that's knocked down, a player scores one (1) point. Knocking down the "king" scores two (2) points for the player. The player with the most number of points wins.
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