The Fish Spa Under a Balete Tree in Siquijor

A balete tree usually evokes stories of enchantment and horror among Filipinos. The same air of awe, reverence, and fear is true for the more than 400-year-old balete tree located at Campalanas, Lazi, Siquijor. Tourists in Siquijor, however, do not stay away from the balete tree as it is actually promoted by the local government as one of the places to visit in their town. The local government charges a minimal fee of PhP 15 for tourists dropping by at this spot. It's not very hard to find as it is just along the national highway. You will easily notice this spot as there are vendors selling bottled herbal concoctions near the place too.

 balete tree in Lazi Siquijor Philippines
 Balete tree in Lazi, Siquijor, Philippines

A spring is found at the base of the tree, feeding a pool where little fish locals call piit make their habitat. Tourists who visit the place often sit down at the concreted edge of the springwater pool then dip their feet in the water and have the little fish nibble on their callouses. For this fish spa experience, tourists are not really obliged to pay additional fees but a generous tip is very well appreciated.

Fish spa under balete tree in Lazi Siquijor Philippines
Fish spa under balete tree in Lazi, Siquijor, Philippines

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