Tricycles in the Philippines: Bantayan Island's Lightweight Cabs

On my most recent trip to Bantayan Island in northern Cebu, I stayed with my team of facilitators from Cebu Teambuilding Services at Budyong Beach Resort near the Santa Fe town center. From the Santa Fe wharf, we hailed a motorized tricycle to get us to Budyong. It caught my attention that Santa Fe's tricycles are of a unique kind, using a lightweight passenger cab that are mostly used by the pedal-powered trisikads in Metro Cebu. Santa Fe's trikes are more akin to the one's we can find in Argao town but with a more rustic feel.

Santa Fe trike

Side view of Santa Fe tricycle

Loading Capacity

While appearing to have a very lightweight frame, Bantayan Island's motorized tricycles can amazingly load at least 6 average-sized adult passengers comfortably. Heck, Santa Fe's minimalist-designed tricycles it can even fit up to 8 people. There were 6 of us in my team and we only had to hire one unit to get us to our destination. I sat at the back of the trike driver, 2 people sat at the back of the passenger cab while 3 others were in front.


For the unsuspecting tourist, tricycle drivers in Bantayan Island charge a minimum of PHP 20 per person per ride. But those who have become familiar with the locality say that the minimum fare should only be at PHP 10 per person per ride.
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