Tricycles in the Philippines: Siquijor's Vintage-looking Cabs

Visiting Siquijor some five years after my last visit was a welcome respite from a stress-filled life in the city. I also will not miss the chance to write about the many topics that may be of interest to travelers in the Philippines. The unique design of mystic island's passenger tricycles provides a good material for my Tricycles in the Philippines series.


The tricycles in Siquijor seem to be designed mainly on practical features and with lesser regard for aesthetics. A cargo compartment can be found at the back of the passenger cab where a nylon rope will be used to secure luggage and other cargoes. The passenger cab provides for a 4-passenger seating with 2 rows facing each other. The tricycle case number is printed on both the left side and the right side of the cab's roof. "Siquijor" is printed on the top front panel of the passenger cab along with the tagline "Atong Lungsod, Atong Panggaon". On the lower front panel of the passenger cab is printed the organization to which the tricycle operator belongs to as well as the body number of the tricycle.

Tricycles in Siquijor Philippines
Front view

Tricycles in Siquijor Philippines
View from the back

Popular Uses

Mass Transportation 

Tricycles are the backbone of Siquijor's mass transportation system. It is the basic unit for transporting passengers from one point in the island to another, even for inter-town trips.

Tricycles in Siquijor Philippines
Tricycle queue at Siquijor Port

Tour Vehicle

Small groups of tourists in Siquijor hire these motorized tricycles to tour them around Siquijor Island. It is a cheaper alternative to renting a car or a van. Foreign tourists are also particularly attracted to the unique experience it provides. It allows them to enjoy the fresh air while traveling and they don't have to worry too much about having to dry themselves every now and then as they visit the caves, rivers, waterfalls, and beaches around mystic island.

Loading Capacity

Siquijor's tricycle normally loads up to 6 average-sized Filipino adults plus the tricycle driver.

Tricycles in Siquijor Philippines
Tricycle in Siquijor

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