Dinner at the Siquijor Boulevard

Siquijor Boulevard occupies a stretch of the Siquijor Circumferential Road from Canal to Calalinan barangays in the provincial capital town of Siquijor. Probably inspired by the popularity of Dumaguete City's Rizal Boulevard, it is one of Siquijor's more popular night spots.

Siquijor Boulevard
Siquijor Boulevard in Siquijor, Siquijor, Philippines

Night Spot

The Siquijor Boulevard is now the most popular night spot in Siquijor. Locals spend their early evening hours here just enjoying the sights and sounds. For one, it is right beside the beach and if the sound of sea meeting the shore is music to your ears, then this place is bliss. Just sit by the ledge and listen to the beach breaks as you enjoy the gentle sea breeze as well. Listen to the other sounds created by nature such as the whistling of the wind, frogs croaking, crickets, and trees swaying to the breeze.

The spot is also a great spot for people watching. Watch people drive by in motorcycles either to stop by the boulevard or as they head on to their homes. Or you can go out of your comfort zone, introduce yourself to strangers, and gain new friends.

Outdoor Cafe

Local vendors have made a living at the Siquijor Boulevard. Just like Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete City, the Siquijor Boulevard is also dotted with barbecue vendors and other ambulant food vendors on ordinary nights. On nights when there's no rain, Siquijor Boulevard is such a wonderful place to just relax, sit back, enjoy nature and people watching, while munching on one's favorite comfort food. 

Some nights, the town of Siquijor actually hosts their visitors for dinner at the Siquijor Boulevard wherein they hire caterers to supply the food. This was the case during the 22nd annual regional convention of the Regional Association of Development Information Officers 7 (RADIO 7) last 28-30 October 2015. The municipality of Siquijor hosted dinner for convention participants on 29th October right at the Siquijor Boulevard.

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