Buffet at Alona Hidden Dream Restaurant

While out and about looking for a dining place around the vicinity of Alona Beach at Panglao, Bohol in the early part of July this year, what delight one can see in my eyes when I saw a buffet place right where one enters Alona Beach. The name of the restaurant is Alona Hidden Dream Restaurant. I'm pretty sure I have eaten here on a 2013 trip I took with four (4) of my friends but I don't remember them having a buffet meal offering there before. If you know me, I wouldn't pass up the chance to partake on a buffet.

Alona Hidden Dream Restaurant

Buffet Menu

The buffet menu at the Alona Hidden Dream Restaurant is quite loaded. There is good variety too. Although I would also say the quality is a bit variable too. They serve mostly seafood dishes with a few meat choices. During the time we ate there, they had crabs, pancit bihon, mixed vegetables, sweet and sour fish, grilled fish, breaded shrimp and squid, beef steak, fried bangus, dried danggit, pork barbecue, fish kinilaw, lumpia, and some desserts. 

breaded shrimp and squid

grilled fisg, mixed vegetables, pancit behon
sweet and sour fish

danggit, fried bangus, bistek tagalog
pork barbecue, fish kinilaw, lumpia, breaded shrimp and squid
salad, fruit, dessert

Buffet Prices 

Lunch and dinner buffet at Alona Hidden Dream Restaurant is priced at PHP 399 per person with kids getting a 50% discount. The price included one (1) round of softdrinks.


Alona Hidden Dream Restaurant is located on the road leading to Alona Beach in Tawala, Panglao, Bohol. It is on the right side of the road when you are walking towards the beach.

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