Surprisingly Filling Chicken Meals at Gumbo

Amazing how many good deals I can get with my SM Advantage card while in Manila. One time, we took on the offer from Gumbo, a restaurant that serves a taste of New Orleans. Using my SM Advantage app on my Apple iPhone, the Gumbo offer details that we can avail of a buy one, take one offer on their grilled chicken limone.

When we got to Gumbo at the SM Mall of Asia, we were even more pleasantly surprised that we did not have to place two (2) orders for the grilled chicken limone. To get the free order of grilled chicken limone, we had to order another dish of the same price. That is just amazing because we get to try not just one dish from Gumbo but two. So we ordered a petite honey glazed chicken to go with the grilled chicken limone. We thought about ordering a grande size but decided against it since the host mentioned that the petite orders should already be good for 2-3 persons. That was probably the best decision we made. Because when we walked out of Gumbo after our meal, we were too full and could barely walk. Thank goodness we also did not pursue the thought of ordering one other dish. Needless to say, we enjoyed the experience. Food was good. And while it didn't look intimidating at first, the portions at Gumbo were surprisingly filling and satisfying.

A taste of New Orleans at Gumbo Restaurant

Our Brunch 

It was sometime around 11 a.m. when we got to the SM Mall of Asia, almost midday. Since we did not have breakfast yet, we decided to just eat early lunch and late breakfast. The good thing about brunch is that it allowed us to save a bit on our budget while we were in Manila. By having brunch, we fused our budget for two (2) meals. What better way to do that than taking on a buy one, take one deal: honey glazed chicken and grilled chicken limone. It took some time to get our orders served, so they also served us bread as a complimentary appetizer while waiting for our food.

Honey Glazed Chicken

At PhP 395 for the petite serving, Gumbo's honey glazed chicken is a definite winner. One would think that is kind of a pricey restaurant which is true. But in terms of value for money, the honey glazed chicken is definitely worth it. Three generous slices of fried chicken bathed in honey and tomato sauce with two sides. We had rice and mixed vegetables for our sides. We could have also chosen either French fries or mashed potato. Aside from the chicken, we also enjoyed the mixed vegetable side dish: a generous serving of corn, carrots, and beans.

Honey glazed chicken with rice and mixed vegetables at Gumbo Taste of New Orleans Restaurant in Pasay City Metro Manila Philippines
Honey glazed chicken with rice and mixed vegetables

Grilled Chicken Limone

When the grilled chicken limone was served, we thought this was going to be just a light meal as it just appeared as three (3) thin grilled chicken slices served on a bed of white sauce with steamed asparagus, herbs, spices, and tomatoes. If you think this is a light meal, you are in for a big surprise. What I like most about it is that it has a neutral flavor with the sauce providing a hint of some sourness.

Grilled chicken limone at Gumbo Taste of New Orleans Restaurant in Pasay City Metro Manila Philippines
Grilled chicken limone

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