We Ordered a New Yorker at Yellow Cab Pizza

Out and about in Manila, we decided that we would be on the lookout for good deals for our meals. One of the coupons I managed to get my hands into was a PhP 100 discount for a New Yorker size pizza at any of the 99 Yellow Cab branches in the Philippines. I got this coupon when I was still in Cebu, a few days before our Manila trip.

Out of the 99 Yellow Cab branches in the Philippines, 58 are located in the National Capital Region. Luckily, the Yellow Cab US Embassy branch is conveniently located right on the next corner of the Bayview Park Hotel along Roxas Boulevard, where we are staying for 9 nights in Manila's Ermita district.

Yellow Cab Pizza in Manila Philippines
Yellow Cab Pizza

Yellow Cab Signature Pizza

I had a choice of Yellow Cab's signature pizzas. We initially wanted the Dear Darla Pizza but it wasn't available so I had to reconsider the other pizza such as NY Classic, Hawaiian, Manhattan Meatlovers, #4Cheese, and Roasted Garlic and Shrimp pizzas. Initially, I was thinking of ordering the #4Cheese which is an all-cheese pizza with four kinds of cheese: mozzarella, cheddar, romano, and feta cheeses. In the end, I settled for the classic Hawaiian pizza simply because it was familiar and I didn't want to be adventurous at the time. It's also the cheapest and we were trying not to spend too much as we were still on the second day of our Manila sojourn and still had a 2-night West Visayas side trip before we head back to Cebu.

100 peso discount at Yellow Cab Pizza in Manila Philippines
100-peso discount

Pizza Sizes at Yellow Cab

Pizza orders at Yellow Cab is available in three sizes: the regular 10-inch pie, 14-inch large pie, and 18-inch New Yorker pizza. Smaller size folded pizzas are also available. Smaller sizes may best be cut the traditional way like a pie in eight (8) equal slices. Bigger pizza sizes like the New Yorker are best cut into square slices. All orders come with hot sauce and chili pepper powder.

New Yorker-size Hawaiian Pizza at Yellow Cab in Manila Philippines
Yellow Cab New Yorker-size Hawaiian Pizza

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