Nagisa Coffee Shop: Best Gyoza I've Tasted So Far

On our first day on Boracay Island, we went out for late lunch at around 4 p.m. and one of the restaurants near our hotel was Nagisa Coffee Shop, a Japanese-inspired joint at Boat Station 3. We will soon find out later in our stay in the island how expensive dining is along the beach. We got lucky this was the place where we ate our first meal at. The whole stretch of that beach particularly from Boat Station 2 to Boat Station 3 is dotted with restaurants that serve ridiculously expensive food. But when you are patient and you look around, you will find a few places that have affordable prices. At Boat Station 3, Nagisa Coffee Shop is one such option.

 photo C0C38629-EE33-470F-9A67-36045C3D8511.jpg
Nagisa Coffee Shop in Boracay Island

The Best Gyoza

We came in at around 4:15 p.m. and the restaurant would only open at 5 p.m. We were told that we could order some drinks and place our food orders early but it will be served later when the restaurant opens. Of course, we ordered some heavenly bottomless iced tea (PhP 60).

 photo 433962FA-9AED-46C1-ACCA-8EA0F25E4B29.jpg
Our orders at Nagisa Coffee Shop

In an otherwise ridiculously expensive island, Nagisa Coffee Shop is like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise polluted city. They have dishes that are sold for as low as PhP 100. We ordered some of these dishes. The one dish that caught my fancy was gyoza (PhP 100). I dare say this is the best gyoza I have tasted so far.

 photo C82FF097-2CB7-4FCF-BC31-C28D33819893.jpg
Gyoza at Nagisa Coffee Shop

We also ordered some tuna fingers (PhP 100) and camaron rebosado (PhP 120), which is like a smaller version of ebi tempura. Both did not disappoint.

 photo 42A7852C-B44F-4AEF-91C0-63FAD7139CBA.jpg
Tuna fish fingers at Nagisa Coffee Shop

 photo EA4DBB14-174A-48FD-9E3B-7EA40275676D.jpg
Camaron Rebosado at Nagisa Coffee Shop

Steamed rice was also unlimited so we had much of that as well. This was lunch and dinner fused into one meal. We paid less than PhP 500 for the meal. 

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