Good Value at La Crepe Café in Boracay

While we were out and about wandering at Boat Station 2 in Boracay Island's popular long stretch of beach, we got tired and decided to stop for refreshments. La Crepé Café caught our attention when we saw some people buying milkshakes and it looked so enticing and the place didn't look too expensive. So we sat down on the open air cafe.

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La Crepé Café in Boracay Island

A Different Kind of Milkshake

My brother Nathan ordered his usual fix of mango milkshake. I initially wanted to order my favorite mango banana milkshake when I noticed a different kind of milkshake on the La Crepé Café refreshments menu, banana peanut milkshake which I ordered instead. What a good decision that was. Imagine peanut butter on your banana sweetened with condensed milk and mix in some cream. That's how the banana peanut milkshake tasted like. Of course the mango shake was it's usual sweet and delicious flavor. Single fruit shakes sold at PhP 60 while shakes that were a combination of two (2) fruits or other ingredients sold at PhP 80.

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Banana Peanut milkshake at La Crepé Café, Boracay Island

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Mango milkshake at La Crepé Café, Boracay Island

Along with our milkshakes, we also ordered La Crepé Café's clubhouse sandwich. There was nothing special about the clubhouse sandwich. Five (5) layers of loaf bread and in between were scrambled eggs, cooked ham, cheddar cheese, and bacon. This sold at

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Clubhouse sandwich at La Crepé Café, Boracay Island

La Crepé Cafe also serves crepés obviously. Aside from that, they also serve Filipino breakfast meals for as low as PhP 60. This is one of the more affordable food places along the footpath at Boracay's main beach area where most restaurants are expensive.

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