Diniwid Beach at Boracay Island

When we reached Fran Beach during our long walk along the main beach of Boracay Island, we initially decided to go back to Boat Station 2 for lunch. That was before I got curious when I saw several people traverse a narrow footpath and disappearing behind a hill. I probed the footpath and found out that behind a hole at the end of the cliff was a beautiful, secluded beach. I egged my brother that we explore more on what's behind the cliff and he agreed after some hesitations.

 photo 8E93D9B2-FB67-4B3A-A60D-963D7EDE72AA.jpg
The footpath that led to Diniwid Beach in Boracay Island

Diniwid Beach

Behind the cliff was Diniwid Beach, a beautiful and secluded beach in Boracay Island with only a few resorts. It wasn't as crowded as the beach resorts that dot Boat Station 1, Boat Station 2, and Boat Station 3. Diniwid Beach is also a popular stop for the island hopping activities out of Boracay Island. It can be accessed by following a narrow footpath by Steve's Cliff at the end of Fran Beach. One can either go around the end of the cliff or go through a hold at the end of the cliff. Inside the hole at the end of the cliff was a Marian grotto.

Part of Diniwid Beach was a rocky beach where we saw some fishermen's boats on the shore.

 photo D819E541-13DC-43A7-A48F-1D101AE06030.jpg
The rocky part of Diniwid Beach on Boracay Island

Some small rock formations can be seen off the coast of Diniwid Beach. I wonder if these were counted as part of the 7,107 islands and islets of the Philippines which is part of my ongoing research for this blog.

 photo 401512E5-342B-434B-A6E8-53929B45DD46.jpg
Small rock formations off the coast of Diniwid Beach on Boracay Island

On the far end of Diniwid Beach, we saw people enjoying the sun, sand, and waters in the sandy part of the beach. We saw that Diniwid beach is actually situated between two (2) hills. Locals told us that the resort on top of the hill opposite of Steve's cliff is part owned by popular Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

 photo EA64EF33-6852-4311-A515-8FE40EDB27BA_1.jpg
Tourists enjoying Diniwid Beach in Boracay Island

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