World Famous Manila Bay Sunset

During our recent visit to Metro Manila, I was able to capture the world famous Manila Bay sunset while we were strolling around SM By the Bay at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. It was the 1st of February 2016 and we just completed our US immigrant visa interview. I have been wanting to catch a glimpse of the sunset at the bay for the past week and hopefully capture it on camera. I did see a glimpse on our first day of that Manila trip while I was swimming at the our hotel's roof deck pool along Roxas Boulevard but I did not have my iPhone then. We initially inquired at the Sun Cruises dock and terminal at the SM Mall of Asia complex. I was a little dismayed when we were told that sunset cruises only happen on weekends and since it was a Monday, the dinner cruise that day will only have us enjoying the sight of city lights. I don't think I'll enjoy that so I decided against spending PhP 600 for each of us just to see the night lights of the city of Manila while having dinner.

Sunset Watching at SM By The Bay

Disappointed but not losing hope, I told my brother that we'll just wait for the sunset at SM By The Bay. We sat down at Razon's and ordered some snacks: silvanas, halo-halo, burgers, and our favorite iced tea! We made sure to ask the staff if the place was a good spot to watch the sunset to which they replied in the affirmative. It was a cloudy day and the thick cloud cover threatened that we would never be able to capture the sunset of Manila Bay during that visit. I snapped on some and thought to myself that if ever we won't witness the sunset that day, I will have some beautiful photos of the clouds with the sun's rays providing some interesting highlights.

 photo EB51FADF-A225-4E6C-B200-1E8E0F6201E0.jpg
Beautiful photo of clouds at Manila Bay

 photo 2D746D95-D5EC-49ED-9001-C90390C45320.jpg
Bright sun behind the clouds at Manila Bay

I think the forces of the universe conspired to let us witness a sunset that day. Despite the heavy cloud cover, our almost three-hour wait was not put to waste as the sun showed up and the sky cleared a bit as the blazing orb was just about to get lost in the horizon. How beautiful it was to witness such a wonderful phenomenon as the sky burst into different hues of orange as the sun sets to rise in another horizon. Then I understood why so many people are so mesmerized by Manila Bay's sunset. Enjoy the photos we took of Manila Bay's sunset below.

 photo 33A9642E-ED19-4CD1-A42B-4D26F0032748.jpg
Silhouette of lovers waiting for Manila Bay's sunset

 photo C5D95852-F516-4B67-B0E8-C4FCFD78FDFD.jpg
Thick cloud cover threatening our sunset viewing at Manila Bay

 photo 0B8CBDD3-7622-4C2E-A8DB-CA50B17F55C3.jpg
Orange hue on the Manila Bay sky at sunset

 photo 61B6B5CF-428C-4F4B-96DB-53F92B0341B9.jpg
Sun starting to set at Manila Bay amidst thick cloud cover

 photo 04A296B7-5170-4B54-9016-2B0C00F1408D.jpg
Picturesque Manila Bay Sunset

 photo FFFBF3FA-DE29-4BE3-A093-0D0581A9935F.jpg
Hues or yellow and orange bursting in the sky at Manila Bay

 photo 333D17C7-A565-4C92-8C6F-C10989174D71.jpg
The bright orb descending to set in the West Philippine Sea

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