The National Museum-Bohol Branch in Tagbilaran City

As a frequent visitor to Central Visayas island province of Bohol, I have been wanting to visit the Bohol branch of the National Museum but never had the chance until recently. I finally got the chance when I joined 9 other Cebu-based bloggers from the #CBCTravelNation for a do-it-yourself (DIY) tour offered by the Empty Nest Vacation Home for the summer of 2016. We got a first dig into the Seas The Day Bohol Tour package last 28 February to 1 March 2016.

After having breakfast at Estrella Bakery on 29 February, we crossed the street towards the museum. This is located at the heart of Tagbilaran City, the provincial capital. The building that houses a museum was a Spanish-era school building. It also once served as Tagbilaran City's public library. It is adjacent to the old provincial capitol. At a time, it actually housed some of the offices of the provincial government.

National Museum of the Philippines Bohol Branch in Tagbilaran City
National Museum of the Philippines Bohol Branch

Admission Fees To The National Museum Bohol Branch

The admission fee to gain entry into the Bohol Branch of the National Museum is very minimal. It is only PhP 10 (roughly around USD 0.25). Not that bad huh? Of course gratuities are appreciated. Specially if you are lucky enough to have a guided tour of the museum. We didn't get that lucky. The museum's curator and resident guide was in a meeting when we got there.

What's On Display At The National Museum Bohol Branch

The National Museum Bohol Branch is a small museum but they do have interesting collections. One of the things that really piqued my interest is the geological history of Bohol. It was a visual rendering of how the rocky island developed through millions of years.

Geological history of Bohol exhibit
Geological history of Bohol exhibit

Some exhibits informs guests about the flora and fauna of Bohol. A display of archaeological finds include a collection of burial jars and coffins. Also on display was the 500-year old skeletal remains of one of Bohol's early settlers.

500-year old skeletal remains
500-year old skeletal remains

Yet another display shows some tools and implements for farming and fishing, common livelihood among Boholanos.

Display of fishing implements
Display of fishing implements

Inside a room at the museum, there were paintings depicting some important historical figures in the history of Bohol and some scenes from Bohol's past.

Portrait of Tamblot
Portrait of Tamblot

Also in the same room was a cane used by American General Douglas McArthur and some old peso bills.

Go visit the National Museum Bohol Branch soon and learn a little about the history of Bohol.
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