Rio Verde Floating Restaurant at Loay, Bohol

One of the stops of the Bohol Countryside Tour commonly offered to tourists in Bohol, Philippines is a river cruise while having lunch along the Loboc River. Tourists have an option to do this either at the town of Loboc or in Loay. The river cruise in Loay town is operated by the Rio Verde Floating Restaurant.

Costs For The Rio Verde Floating Restaurant

There are two (2) options for the Rio Verde Floating Restaurant, an ordinary buffet and the high end buffet. The cost for the regular buffet is PhP 392 for guests that are older than 7 years old. Kids who are 4 to 6 years old pay a discounted rate of PhP 205 each. Kids who are 3 years old or younger are admitted for free. The high end buffet costs more at around PhP 500.

Rio Verde Floating Restaurant in Loay Bohol Philippines
Rio Verde Floating Restaurant

Regular versus High End Buffet 

There's actually not much of a difference between the regular buffet menu and the high end buffet menu. Of course the high end buffet offers more in terms of number of dishes served. The big difference is that the high end option uses the Pawikan, a bigger boat where guests can move around more freely. Based on experience, the high end option also has a better musician and entertainer on board. The menu for both options consists of soup, a salad bar, a number of chicken, vegetable, pork, fish, and seafood dishes, fruits, and dessert items.

Enjoying the Cruise

The cruise along the stretch of the Loboc River in Loay town features a musician entertaining guests on board the floating restaurant. A delectable buffet is served and guests can eat to their heart's content. It is also best to enjoy the riverscape, letting the eyes rest on the green nipa leaves on the riverbanks, listen to the tranquil waters and the calm breeze, or the chirping of birds and sounds from other insects.

Ati Tribe Village

The highlight of the Loboc river cruise aboard one of the boats of the Rio Verde Floating Restaurant in Loay is a visit to the Ati tribe village near the boundary of Loay and Loboc towns. Guests are given a few minutes to interact with the natives who relocated from Panay island in the western part of the Visayas. Ati natives gamely entertain tourists with their drum beating, dancing, rope swinging, lizards, target shooting, and selling souvenir bows and arrows. In exchange for the spectacle, tourists are expected to tip generously as this supports the needs of the tribespeople.

An Ati girl at Loay, Bohol, Philippines
An Ati girl at Loay, Bohol, Philippines

Contact Information and Location for the Rio Verde Floating Restaurant

Rio Verde Floating Restaurant has a website: Their e-mail address is Reservations can also be made through mobile phone numbers 0918 942 8370 (Smart or Sun Cellular) or 0915 897 8390 (Globe or TM). The Rio Verde Floating Restaurant is located at Poblacion Ubos, Loay, Bohol, Philippines near the Clarin bridge.

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