Emerald Garden Restaurant: A Classic Restaurant in Manila, Philippines

In celebration of the grant of our US immigrant visa after a long wait, our dad's cousin Tita Meluna hosted us for dinner at a classic Manila restaurant which is a stone's throw away from where we were billeted. The Emerald Garden Chinese Seafood Restaurant has long been a favorite in the Philippine capital city.

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Emerald Garden Restaurant at Manila, Philippines

Emerald Garden Chinese Seafood Restaurant

We just came from SM By The Bay at the Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City to watch the world-famous Manila Bay sunset and caught up with Tita Meluna at the Emerald Garden Chinese Seafood Restaurant at the Ermita district of the city of Manila. We met an aunt and another cousin over dinner.

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Meeting some kins at Emerald Garden Restaurant in Manila, Philippines

They already placed orders even before we came over so the wait did not have to be so long for us. They ordered pork with broccoli, shrimp salad, fried chicken, and fried rice. Tita Meluna mentioned she chose the restaurant because she wanted to have their steamed fish but it was out of stock. Steamed fish was one of the restaurant specialties. Hot tea was on the house too!

The shrimp salad was really visually appealing. Boiled shrimp with macaroni pasta, kaong, and pineapple slices with a generous mayonnaise dressing. The taste is as flavorful as its visual appeal.

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Shrimp and macaroni salad at Emerald Garden Restaurant in Manila, Philippines

The fried chicken was also really good. One whole chicken deep fried in oil giving it enough crunch yet maintaining the juiciness of its meat. The shrimp crackers that came with it was also a great appetizer that prepares the palate for the feast.

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Fried chicken and shrimp crackers at Emerald Garden Restaurant in Manila, Philippines

The pork with broccoli was okay. Nothing special.

Location and Contact Information

Street Address: Roxas Boulevard, Ermita, Manila, Philippines
Telephone number: (02) 523 8510
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