Exploring Siquijor, Siquijor

The capital town of Siquijor province since 1972 is the municipality of Siquijor. It is the biggest town in the province in terms of population and land area. According to the 2010 census, Siquijor town has a population of 25,231 of which 17,731 were registered voters in 2013. It's land area covers 82.06 square kilometers or 31.68 square miles. The official motto of the municipality of Siquijor is "Soar High, Siquijor!"

Popular Places of Interest

Siquijor Boulevard 

Inspired largely by the popularity of Dumaguete City's Rizal Boulevard, the Siquijor Boulevard is Siquijor's most famous night spot. Barbecue vendors make a living in this spot while locals and tourists just enjoy the sea breeze, the moonlight, and the musical sound of waters rushing to the shore at night.

Saint Francis of Assisi Church and Belfry

A witness to Siquijor's centuries-old history is the Roman Catholic Church of Saint Francis of Assissi and it's belfry right by the Siquijor Plaza. It is one of the first rustic edifices that greets tourists as they emerge from the town's port.

Sensational Siquijor Philippines
Belfry of Saint Francis of Assisi Church

Cantabon Cave 

The most popular among the forty six (46) identified caves in Siquijor is the Cantabon Cave in the hilly interior of Siquijor town. Discovered by foreign tourists in 1985, it has since been one of the more popular tourist destinations in Siquijor. It is 300 meters long and 10 meters at its widest.
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San Antonio Village

The abode of herbalists in Siquijor is the barangay of San Antonio. A healing festival is held here every Holy Week. Many tourists are drawn to the mysticism practiced in this place. Learn a thing or two about the mystic traditions of the place, most of which were handed down through many generations.

Mount Bandilaan Nature Park

Mount Bandilaan is the highest point in Siquijor. It is believed to have mystical properties and many mystics flock in pilgrimage to this site specially during Holy Week. The park also features a butterfly farm and a reforestation site.
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