Roast Beef Rib Eye and Ramen At Tokyo Table in Cebu

Food bloggers from the Cebu Blogging Community (CBC) met up at the Tokyo Table Japanese Restaurant and Smokeless Grill in City Times Square, Tipolo, Mandaue City last 20 November 2015 for their first ever meet-up as a specialized niche within the CBC. 

Caloy: Cebu's Top Food Blogger 

The CBC Food Bloggers' Meet-up was organized by CBC Food Blogging niche lead representative and Cebu's top food blogger Carlo Andrew "Caloy" Olano of the Kalami Cebu blog. Caloy organized the meet-up at Tokyo Table as a getting to know session of CBC's foodies. The first meet-up will also be the template for future food tasting events of the CBC food bloggers.

CBC Food Bloggers Present

A total of fifteen (15) bloggers from the Cebu Blogging Community attended the first ever CBC foodies' meet-up at Tokyo Table. They are:
  1. Yours truly, Thadz Engaling of Around the Philippines and the Wonderful Cebu 
  2. CBC Food Bloggers lead representative Carlo Andrew Olano of the Kalami Cebu and the Why Cebu 
  3. CBC social media manager Channel Marie Imperial
  4. Naomi Bersales of Jugs and Pugs
  5. Mimi Gonzales of Chasing Bleu
  6. Keene Albert Tan
  7. Jeane Louise Mainit of Lakambini Viajera
  8. Richard Rene Bunalos of Musings of a Cebuano
  9. Richard Abad of Bisaya Short Films
  10. Lyza Ares of Coffee, Tea or Death
  11. Tara Erique of One Big Breakfast
  12. Lotus Shiela Ang of Balot's Chatter
  13. Melanie Dianne Manso of Fueled by Caffeine
  14. Sheena Litang of Kuro Hime Hitsugaya
  15. Janine Ella Anongos of A Blissful Blog

Sushi and Sashimi Heaven 

I read at a local forum that Japanese buffet restaurants in Cebu are either a sushi restaurant or a sukiyaki restaurant. By the looks of it, Tokyo Table Japanese Restaurant and Smokeless Grill is a sushi place. Although, my favorite Japanese dish happens to be sukiyaki, I am a big sushi fan still. In fact, I actually taught myself to make Japanese rolls along with how to make sukiyaki and ebi tempura. I am not disappointed at all with the sushi selection at Tokyo Table

While I am no fan of sashimi and other raw foods (except kinilaw na isda maybe), I tried the cocktail shrimps at Tokyo Table. Well, it's not really raw as sashimi as these shrimps were boiled. I tried to eat it without the sauce and the flavor was fine, it wasn't bland but the flavoring wasn't also too strong. Just enough for my palate. I ate it too with the sweet and spicy sauce dedicated to it and I loved it even more. I could have had more but I usually don't eat with my bare hands when I'm outside of home.

Hokkaido Ramen

How would you wish to have unlimited authentic Hokkaido ramen? That only happens in Tokyo Table. One can either order unlimited chicken or pork ramen or both. I ordered char siu (Chinese pork barbecue) ramen. I'm not really a ramen guy so I wouldn't know how to distinguish which is good ramen and which is not. But based on the bloggers I was with, they kind of liked it especially the egg that came with it.

Roast Beef Ribeye on Weekends

Steak lovers may find Tokyo Table a good place to hang out on weekends as they serve roast beef ribeye. Rubbed with rosemary herb, the medium rare treat can pair up with mushroom gravy or butter gravy. Most of the people I asked, including the waiters, would say they would prefer to have the butter gravy. I tried both and I think Filipinos would prefer the butter gravy because of its hint of sweetness but that the mushroom gravy gives the roast beef a fuller flavor.


The smokeless grill is also a highlight at Tokyo Table. They have a good selection of seafood, chicken, beef, and pork for grilling. Most are seasoned in various flavors.

Tokyo Table Japanese buffet restaurant in Mandaue City Cebu Philippines
Grilling some seafood at Tokyo Table

Asian Fusion Dishes

There's more than just Japanese cuisine at Tokyo Table. They also serve Chinese dimsum items, Singaporean dishes, Filipino favorites, Mongolian barbecue, Thai recipes, Korean flavors, and a lot more.


Coffee, soda, beer, lemonade, water. All these are all you can drink at Tokyo Table. For a minimal add-on charge, guests can also have hot Japanese tea. At Tokyo Table, no one would ever be thirsty.

A World of Desserts

I usually don't find a lot of dessert items in the menu of Japanese restaurants but they have a wonderful world of desserts at Tokyo Table. They have cheesecakes, trifles, ice cream, halo-halo, cakes, and a lot more.

Tokyo Table Japanese buffet restaurant in Mandaue City Cebu Philippines
A world of desserts at Tokyo Table

Cost of Buffet

Buffet prices at Tokyo Table Japanese Restaurant and Smokeless Grill ranges between PhP 616 to PhP 840. These is not a cheap buffet at all, but I assure you that you get value for your money at this place.

Tokyo Table Japanese buffet restaurant in Mandaue City Cebu Philippines
Tokyo Table buffet

Location and Contact Information

Tokyo Table is located at the ground floor or the City Times Square along Mantawi Avenue in Tipolo, Mandaue City, Cebu. For reservations and inquiries, one may dial (+6332) 239 7000.

Tokyo Table Japanese buffet restaurant in Mandaue City Cebu Philippines
Tokyo Table

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  1. We ate here in march 2015. I loved the atmosphere. The smokeless BBQ was a surprise. But loved all that was cooked at table. My favorite was the prime rib. I'm returning next week November and plan to go again with wife and son. Best food in Cebu

  2. It’s difficult to find knowledgeable people on this topic, nevertheless, you appear to be you know what you’re referring to! Thanks table grill