Spoiled for Choices at Burger King in the Philippines

If there's one burger place in the Philippines that will spoil you for choices of different kinds of burgers, look no further than Burger King.  Of the more than 13,000 Burger King stores in 97 countries worldwide, there are more than 50 located in the Philippines.

Burger King

The first Burger King store in the Philippines opened in 1997 and it has now expanded its operations to Central Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao. The great thing about Burger King is that aside from being true to its brand promise of "Taste is King", they serve a variety of burgers spoiling its patrons with a wide array of sandwiches to choose from.


Burger King's flagship burger is the Whopper. Just a basic flame grilled burger, but truly flavored for a royal experience.

Mushroom Swiss 

Those who love mushrooms to go with their burger can grab the Mushroom Swiss burger from Burger King.

 photo 77C76E3E-DD63-446A-86C3-7C31C1B6E3CD.jpg
Mushroom swiss burger at Burger King Philippines


Burger King's flame grilled cheeseburger is a favorite among many patrons.

 photo 802B7923-3BDA-4F32-965A-8181BE1AA3BE.jpg
Double Cheeseburger at Burger King Philippines

4-Cheese Whopper 

Love cheese? If so, you probably can't get enough of Burger King's 4-Cheese Whopper. It has 4 kinds of cheese on it. What else can you ask for?

 photo 57E2E7FB-B96A-4B6D-8414-26F9DC4C976B.jpg
4-Cheese Whopper at Burger King Philippines

Extra Long Chicken 

A footlong sandwich bun with a footlong chicken fillet and some greens make up Burger King's extra long chicken.

 photo 47E26E8E-9D4F-42F8-BC32-E43AE5DF2AE3.jpg
Extra Long Chicken at Burger King Philippines

Chicken Nugget Burger 

I love chicken nuggets and Burger King serves the best I tried so far. Put four of them in between burger buns with some greens and dressing and you get the Burger King Chicken Nugget Burger.

3-Meat Whopper

3 kinds of meat is featured on Burger King's 3-meat Whopper. This is fit for carnivores.

BBarbecue Bacon Cheese 

Imagine this: flame grilled burger patty, bacon in barbecue sauce, cheese all put in between burger buns. Burger King's barbecue bacon cheese is truly a treat for bacon and barbecue lovers.

 photo 3A4851F2-EBF2-4D2A-95F9-3004E883F99F.jpg
Barbecue Bacon Cheese burger at Burger King Philippines

Chicken Nuggets

Burger King has now become my favorite place to buy chicken nuggets at.

 photo 46F321A1-2D6F-4E52-8656-29EB8CE2DE6F.jpg
Chicken nuggets at Burger King Philippines

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