7 Must Try Dishes at Chix Savour Restaurant

Chix Savour is a Filipino-Chinese restaurant along Salinas Drive in Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines. They serve a fusion of Filipino and Chinese cuisine. Along with some bloggers from the #CBCFoodies, I was able to sample some of the favorites in their menu. I'd like to share in this post the 7 must try dishes at this Chinoy Restaurant.


People on a diet, vegetarians, and vegans will be pleased to know that they serve vegetable or plant-based dishes. One of these dishes is the soy-based tofulicious. Soy bean curd made at the Chix Savour kitchen.

Tofulicious at Chix Savour Restaurant

Crispy Kangkong 

Crispy Kangkong is my favorite dish at this joint. Fresh spinach leaves coated in a delicious batter and deep fried. It has enough crunch but keeps the leaves' natural juices.

Crispy kangkong at Chix Savour Restaurant
Crispy kangkong

Whole Chix

The whole chix or whole fried chicken is Chix Savour's flagship dish. The recipe for the chicken is a personal creation of Annrea Sy, a scion of the family that runs the restaurant. This is a good dish to order when dining with family or the barkada. When eating alone and you can't consume a whole chicken, the fried chicken is available in a quarter serving.

Whole fried chicken at Chix Savour Restaurant
Whole fried chicken
quarter chicken meal at Chix Savour Restaurant
Quarter chicken meal

Big Brother Belly 

Those who like roasted pork belly will love the big brother belly. It's a generous serving of roasted pork belly that was previously marinated in soy sauce and calamansi.

Big brother belly at Chix Savour Restaurant
Big brother belly


The buchi at this Filipino-Chinese restaurant is different. Instead of plain peanut butter, it uses a filling that mixes peanut butter and chocolate.

Buchi at Chix Savour Restaurant

Asado Dishes

Some of my blogger friends raved about the lengua asado and pork asado rice toppings. The asado sauce on these dishes makes all the difference.

Lengua asado rice toppings at Chix Savour Restaurant
Lengua asado rice toppings

Pork asado rice toppings at Chix Savour Restaurant
Pork asado rice toppings

These are the 7 dishes that stood out for me when we sampled the Chix Savour menu. Other dishes served were meatballs congee, siomai, and beef wanton soup.
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