Cheap Buffet in Cordova, Cebu

Who would not want to try a cheap buffet? I know I do. That is why when I learned about the PhP 250 Friday night themed buffet at La Regatta Restaurant, I just had to be there one Friday night. I happen to be around the area August 21, 2015 with two (2) of my co-facilitators from Cebu Teambuilding Services. We just concluded a leadership and team building program in Lapulapu City and I didn't want to go home early to avoid the rush hour traffic so I decided we have dinner at Alta Cebu Resort. They have themed buffet which happens every Friday night.

Cheap Buffet, Filipino Night

Maybe as a tribute to Filipino hero Ninoy Aquino, the theme at the August 21 buffet was Filipino Night. But it really wasn't too Filipino. Most of the dishes served were Filipino favorites, but with foreign origins. Fried chicken is American, Pork menudo is Spanish. I was expecting more of lechon baboy, a popular Cebuano dish, or popular Pampanga recipe sisig, or humba. They did serve lots of the Filipino staple food, rice. Other dishes served were dinuguan ug puto, sinugbang isda (grilled fish), sinugbang tiyan sa baboy (grilled pork belly), nilagang baboy (pork soup), and pork chops with beans in coconut milk (gata). They served chilled orange juice for drinks and had maja blanca, buko pandan, and puto cheese for dessert. The music the band played at the pool area wasn't also Filipino as most were songs written in the English language.

cheap buffet in Cebu
Fried chicken
cheap buffet in Cebu
Sinugbang baboy

This cheap buffet at La Regatta Restaurant costs only PhP 250, very affordable. It is not very crowded. Most of the diners were guests staying at the resort, numbering less than forty (40). Despite that, it seems the kitchen staff struggled with the food refills.
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