Yakski is the Best Barbecue in Cebu, Philippines

When conversation centers on the best barbecue in Cebu, it is a common consensus to refer to Larsian's. In September of 2012 however, Yakski opened its doors to dining patrons in Cebu. Barely two (2) years after its entry into Cebu's barbecue dining scene, SunStar Cebu recognized it as Cebu's best barbecue joint. Do I agree? Well, I went to check it out myself.

Is Yakski Cebu's Best Barbecue Joint?

I have been to Larsian's countless times. When I walked into the Capitol Site branch of Yakski, I knew why this joint is getting rave reviews as the best barbecue place in Cebu. The one thing that immediately caught my attention is the huge difference in sanitation compared to Larsian's. I did not notice any flies around, something that is quite common at Larsian's. But sanitation is not the only edge why Yakski is now considered the best barbecue restaurant in Cebu.

When I came in for dinner, people were already queuing even before the place opened. If this was any indication, people now probably agree that Yakski is the best barbecue place in Cebu. When you are planning to go to Yakski, my advice is get a reservation. You can call their Capitol Site branch at (032) 254 3977 or 0917 322 5754. Yakski Capitol Site branch is at 268-B Don Mariano Cui Street and is near NBI 7 Regional Office or the Cebu Provincial Capitol. Yakski Capitol Site branch also accepts delivery orders with a minimum order of PhP 200 and an additional tab of PhP 40 for delivery charge.

Their Mactan branch at the Gaisano Savers' Mart parking lot in Basak, Lapulapu City may be reached at (032) 505 9488 or 0917 771 0448. The Mactan branch may not be as crowded as the Capitol Site branch.

Yakski best barbecue joint in Cebu Central Visayas Philippines
People queuing at the best barbecue place in Cebu

Yakski's Menu

The food quality and flavor at Yakski will definitely make a case to say it is the best barbecue in Cebu. While they largely focus on marketing their barbecue sauce, it's barbecue can really be fine on its own. But yes, the barbecue sauce at Yakski is dope. It comes in original and spicy variations. I want mine spicy.

Yakski's acknowledged specialty of the house is it's pork barbecue which is sold in small and large variations. I ordered the large ones at PhP 18 per stick. We also ordered grilled chicken skin, one of their bestsellers. It sold at PhP 15 per stick. Then we had grilled chorizo de Cebu which we bought at PhP 20 per stick. The price isn't bad at all, a little more than Larsian's, but hey, I wouldn't mind paying a little bit more for way better quality.

Yakski best barbecue joint in Cebu Central Visayas Philippines
Chorizo de Cebu

Yakski best barbecue joint in Cebu Central Visayas Philippines
grilled chicken skin

Yakski best barbecue joint in Cebu Central Visayas Philippines
the best barbecue in Cebu + Yakski barbecue sauce

After this experience, I can truly say, Yakski is the best barbecue place in Cebu. How many of you agrees with me? Let me know in the comments section.

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  1. Thank you so much for this, Sir. Looking at the photo and people patiently lining up just for the barbecue is a proof that this is something I need to try. I badly want to taste their bbq now! hooo

    1. True that. When you see people line up patiently like that, you know something good must be up.