We Had Fun At This Aloguinsan Beach They Call Hermit's Cove

Several years ago, a hermit by the name of Tabogon found peace in this Aloguinsan beach. Years later the cove is now named Hermit's Cove, and the barangay as Kantabogon which means owned by Tabogon or of Tabogon's. The Kantabogon Ecotourism Association now manages and preserves the natural beauty of the place. This Aloguinsan beach has attracted many local tourists in Cebu as well as from other parts of the Philippines.

Beautiful Aloguinsan Beach

Tourists come to Hermit's Cove to enjoy the beautiful view of the beach and bathe in its cold, crystal-clear waters. It's a not too crowded Aloguinsan beach in probably one of the most remote towns of the Cebu mainland.

Aloguinsan Beach
Hermit's Cove

Other Things To Do At This Aloguinsan Beach

Dolphin and Turtle Watching 

From Hermit's Cove, head out to the Tanon Strait on an early morning boat trip to catch a good glimpse of dolphins and turtles playing in their habitat in the wild. This dolphin and turtle watching trip can cost PhP 1,500 on a boat that can seat up to ten (10) people.


Not far off from this beautiful Aloguinsan beach is a coral ecosystem that serves as a habitat for marine life. An association of trained snorkeling guides offers guests a snorkeling session at this protected seascape.

Coastal Tour 

This Aloguinsan beach they call Hermit's Cove is unique as it is in between the rocky cliffs that adorn the coast of Aloguinsan. Explore Aloguinsan's rocky coastline with a boating tour. Ask for the service at the fishermen's village at Hermit's Cove. We paid PhP 60 per person when we did our tour there recently.

Go Camping 

Camping overnight on an Aloguinsan beach sure sounds cool. So pitch your tent on the beach, enjoy the sea breeze, and wish upon the stars of the Hermit's Cove sky.

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