Cheap Resort in Cebu: Pado Beach Resort

Many tourists come to Cebu for the beach. While most of the tourists enjoy themselves in the luxurious beach resorts around Cebu, the common Cebuano folk sometimes just need a cheap resort in Cebu to enjoy the sea breeze and just a decent place to party with family and friends. One such cheap resort in Cebu can be found at Lapulapu City's Mactan island, in sitio Kalubihan, barangay Marigondon. It is called Pado Beach Resort.

Things To Do At This Cheap Resort in Cebu

Party With Friends 

With a very affordable entrance fee, one can party with friends at Pado Beach Resort. Entrance fee to the resort is only PhP 100 per person. On weekdays, it's only PhP 75 per person. Cottages can be rented starting at PhP 800.

Spend Some Quality Time With Loved Ones 

For as low as PhP 1,500, one can spend a night with the love of their life in this cheap resort in Cebu. Or for as low as PhP 2,300, they can spend a night with their family at Pado Beach Resort.

Go Swimming 

Go swim in the resort's swimming pool or enjoy the turquoise waters of the sea off the coast of Mactan island.

cheap beach resort in Cebu
Swimming Pool

Enjoy Aqua Sports

Ride the waves on a jet ski, get the thrill of riding a banana boat or flying fish, go paddling on a kayak, and enjoy a lot more water sports offerings from Pado Beach Resort.

Scuba Diving 

There's a dive shop within this cheap resort in Cebu. Many scuba divers actually come here to do some diving off the Marigondon coast.

Feed The Fish

There's a lagoon within Pado Beach Resort where they raise three (3) blacktip sharks and several other fish. Enjoy watching these fish while feeding them.
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