Kan-anan Restaurant at Dumaluan Beach in Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

For the three days that we were at Panglao, Bohol last week, me and my co-facilitators from Cebu Teambuilding Services had most of our meals at the Kan-anan Restaurant at Dumaluan Beach Resort where we were billeted. Most of the meals we took were shouldered by our client. We did order some snacks on our own. It wasn't much but let me share it to you anyway in this post.

4-Cheese Pizza 

When you love cheese and want to skip the meat, try Kan-anan Restaurant's 4-cheese pizza. It comes with Parmesan or Parmigiana cheese, quick melt Mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, and white cheese.

4 cheese pizza at Kan-anan Restaurant
4-cheese pizza

Calamari and Scampi 

Calamari and Scampi is deep fried breaded squid and shrimp. It comes with two kinds of sauces. We loved this so much that we ordered every time we had snacks.

Calamari and Scamp i at at Kan-anan Restaurant
Calamari and scampi

Panglao Submarine Sandwich 

This Panglao Submarine Sandwich has plenty of shrimps with white sauce sandwiched in  4 slices of loaf bread and comes with fresh fruit. I had mango for my fruit.

Restaurants, Kan-anan Restaurant in Panglao Island Bohol Philippines
Panglao submarine sandwich

On a different trip that happened on March 2016, we were again billeted at the Dumaluan Beach Resort 2 along with a different set of participants for a team building client. We again ate at the Kan-anan Restaurant and ordered gambas  and baked scallops. Both were okay  but nothing really special.

Gambas at Kan-anan Restaurant

Baked scallops at at Kan-anan Restaurant
Baked scallops

Location of Kan-anan Restaurant 

Kan-anan Restaurant is within Dumaluan Beach Resort 2 along White Beach in barangay Bolod, Bohol. It serves both the private and public resorts of Dumaluan.

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